Invention of Electric Iron

Ironing or pressing of clothes has been practice over the centuries though mostly for royal and rich families. This job was done by washermen. They used an iron device that worked with fuel (usually burning charcoal) in it. The base of the iron device got hot enough to iron out the wrinkles of the washed clothes. The clothes to be presses/ironed were wetted a little to make the job easier.

But with the invention of hydro-electric power in 1881 in England, the way for an electric-iron was paved. The very next year, Henry W. Seely of New York developed the electric-iron – the first electrical home appliance. It was powered by an electric arc. When in use, it produces a hissing and sputtering sound as if crackers were bursting.

Later on, the electric-iron was improved as wires came to be used with a plug at one of their ends. This plug could be safely inserted in a socket. Today, the electric-iron is an indispensable domestic appliance.