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Invention of Escalator

An escalator is moving stairway that transports people from one floor to another. Escalators are there at air-ports, stores and sub-way stations.

An escalator is a belt with steps attached to it. Each step has two pairs of wheels on its underside. These wheels move on two sets of tracks and the steps get pulled along the tracks by chains. These chains move around gears at the top and the bottom of the escalator. All this is done by an electric motor. At the bottom and the top of the escalator, the tracks level off and separate. So, the steps flatten and form a moving platform for the passengers.

For safety during the movement, hand-rails are supplied on both sides. Moreover, the escalator stops if and when anything gets caught in the steps. The escalator can move at two speeds – 27 or 37 meters per minutes.

The invention of the escalator was made by two American inventors in 1892. They were G.H. Wheeler and W. Reno. The first operating escalator was installed at an elevated train-station in New York in 1900 A.D.