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Invention of Tennis

Tennis is a game in which opposing players – one or two on each side – use rackets to hit a ball back and forth over a net. The flat surface whereon the game is played is called a court. It is believed that tennis was invented by the French in 1100’s or 1200’s. They called it jeu de paume – a Game of the Palm because then the players used their palms to bat the tennis -ball over a net.

But Major Walter Clopton Wingfield is considered to be the Father of Modern Tennis as he introduced a version of this game closely similar to the modern one in 1873 A.D. The very next year, he patented tennis rules and equipment for playing on grassy courts and named it sphairistrike which means – Playing Ball. But soon the name Lawn Tennis came to be popular.

Since 1874 A.D., the game has spread to various countries. In 1877 A.D., All England Lawn Tennis Club came to be set up. The club sponsored the first major tournament at his headquarters in Wimbledon – A London suburb. Soon it became the world championship for men’s and women’s singles and finals.