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Invention of the Electric Bulb

An electric bulb is device that uses electric energy to produce light. Till about 1875, people could see at night using candles/oil-lamps/gas lights.

But since mid-1800’s, scientists had been busy trying to produce electric light. They had already developed the incandescent lamps. But these lamps operated with batteries and burnt out too quickly. Soon the widespread use of electricity also started.

It was an American scientist, Thomas A. Edison, who developed a method of disturbing cheap electricity. He became famous for inventing the electric bulb/light. By 1879, he had made an electric incandescent lamp. It has a filament of carbonized thread. During the early 1880’s, he developed the first central station (power plant) to generate and distribute electricity in New York City. It began operating in 1882.

During the early 1900’s, mercury-lamps also came to be developed. But soon afterwards tungsten-halogen bulbs came to be developed.