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Invention of the Elevator

The elevator was invented in 1852 by Elisha Graves Otis who worked as a mechanic in a bed factory at New York. His officers wanted him to develop a moving device that could carry men and equipment to the upper floors of the building which housed the factory.

Otis set about developing such a device and in 1825 A.D., he succeeded in making his safety elevator. He demonstrated its working at the Crystal Palace Exposition held at New York in the year 1853. A large group of people watched the inventor ride up to a great height in his elevator. But unfortunately the cable supporting the elevator got separated from it. Everybody felt worried about the inventor’s life, but the lift stopped where it was and did not crash down because it was a safety lift.

Otis established the Otis Steam Elevator Company in 1857. He installed the first passenger elevator for a five-storey shop of a company E. V. Haughwout & Company in China the same year he started the company.