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Invention of the Syringe

A syringe is a device shaped like a pump. It is tapered into a jet at one end while the other end is like a soft hollow bulb called a plunger. A syringe is used to inject fluids into the body of a patient. It is also used to spray liquids or to suck them out.

The plunger performs two functions:

  1. When pulled back, it creates suction inside the syringe and the fluid enters the syringe.
  2. When pushed forward, it forces the fluid out through the jet end.

The fore-runner of the syringe was called hollow needle. It was invented in 1844 by an Irish physician named Francis Rynd. About nine years later, a French physician named Charles Pravaz invented the first practical metal syringe. His silver syringe had a screw for action. Modern piston-operated glass syringe was produced around 1895 A.D.