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Invention of Vaseline

Vaseline was invented by Robert Chese Brough (1837-1933 A.D.) who was a research chemist. He happened to visit America’s first oil-well in Tilusville (Pennsylvania) in 1859. When he saw the colourless-to-yellow residue formed around the pumps in use, he became curious about it. He carried home a sample of this residue so that he might experiment with it in his laboratory.

Chese Brough extracted a wax from the residue he had brought home and named it petroleum jelly. He tested it in various ways and came to believe that it had healing qualities. But people would not believe him.

But Chese Brough did not lose heart. He toured town after town distributing samples of his product free of cost. At last, his efforts bore fruit and orders began to pour in. So, petroleum jelly came to be marketed under the name – Vaseline. It is used as a soothing balm and an ointment to prevent sore skin. It is also used in medicines and cosmetics. Strangely enough, the inventor swallowed a tea spoonful of Vaseline daily and lived up to over 90 years.