English to English
Word Type Meaning
a adjective one, some, any; per
a/c abbreviation account.
aardvark noun mammal with tubular snout and long tongue
aback adverb disconcerted, surprised
abacus noun frame with wires along which beads are slid for calculating
abaft adverb in or towards stern of ship
abaft preposition nearer stern than
abandon verb desert; give up
abandon noun freedom from inhibitions
abandoned adjective deserted; unrestrained
abase verb humiliate; degrade
abashed adjective embarrassed; disconcerted
abate verb make of become less strong
abattoir noun slaughter-house
abbess noun female head of abbey of nuns
abbey noun community of monks or nuns
abbot noun head of community of monks
abbreviate verb shorten
ABC noun alphabet; rudiments of subjects; alphabetical guide.
abdicate verb renounce or resign from (throne etc.)
abdomen noun belly; rear part of insect
abduct verb carry off illegally, kidnap
aberrant adjective showing aberration
aberration noun deviation from normal type of accepted standard; distortion
abet verb encourage (offender), assist (offence)
abeyance noun temporary disuse; suspension.
abhor verb detest; regard with disgust
abhorrence noun disgust, detestation
abhorrent adjective disgusting
abide verb tolerate; act in accordance with; keep (promise)
abiding adjective enduring, permanent
ability noun capacity, power; cleverness, talent
abject adjective miserable; degraded; despicable
abjure verb renounce on oath
ablaze adjective & adverb on fire; glittering; excited
able adjective having power; talented
ablution noun ceremonial washing of hands
abnegate verb give up, renounce
abnormal adjective exceptional; deviating from the norm
aboard adverb & preposition on or into (ship, aircraft, etc.)
abode1 noun dwelling place
abode2 past & past participle of ABIDE tolerate
abolish verb end existence of
abominable adjective detestable, loathsome
abominable colloquial very unpleasant
abominate verb detest, loathe
aboriginal adjective indigenous
aboriginal noun aboriginal inhabitant, esp. of Australia
aborigines plural noun aboriginal inhabitant, esp. of Australia
abort verb miscarry; effect abortion of; (cause to) end before completion
abortion noun natural of (esp.) induced expulsion of foetus before it can survive; stunted or misshapen creature
abortive adjective fruitless, unsuccessful
abound verb be plentiful; be rich in , teem with
about preposition 1. on subject of; relating to, in relation to; at a time near to; around (in); surrounding; here and there in
about adverb approximately; near-by; in every direction; on the move, in action; all around
above adverb at or to higher point, overhead; earlier on page or in book
abracadabra interjection supposedly magic word
abrade verb scrape or wear away by rubbing
abrasion noun rubbing or scraping away; resulting damaged area.
abrasive adjective capable of rubbing or grinding down; harsh or hurtful in manner
abrasive noun abrasive substance
abreast adverb side by side and facing same way; upto date with
abridge verb shorten >abridgement noun
abrogate verb repeal, abolish >abrogation noun
abrupt adjective sudden, hasty; curt; steep >abruptly adverb; abruptness noun
abscess noun swelling containing pus
abscond verb flee, esp. to avoid arrest; escape
abseil verb descend by using doubled rope fixed at higher point
abseil noun such a descent
absence noun being away; lack
absent adjective not present or existing; lacking; inattentive
absent verb go or stay away
absentee noun person not present
absenteeism noun absenting oneself from work, school
absent-minded adjective forgetful, inattentive
absinthe noun wormwood-based, aniseed- flavoured liqueur
absolute adjective complete, utter; unconditional; despotic; not relative; without expressed noun or object; final
absolutely adverb completely; in an absolute sense;
absolution noun formal forgiveness of sins
absolutism noun absolute government
absolve verb free from blame or obligation
absorb verb incorporate; assimilate; take in; deal with easily, reduce intensity of
absorbent adjective tending to absorb
absorbent noun absorbent substance
absorption noun absorbing, being absorbed
abstain verb refrain; decline to vote
abstemious adjective moderate or ascetic, esp. in eating and drinking
abstention noun abstaining, esp. from voting
abstinence noun abstaining, esp. from food or alcohol
abstract adjective of or existing in theory rather than practice, not concrete; not representational
abstract verb remove; summarize
abstract noun summary; abstract idea, work of art
abstracted adjective inattentive
abstraction noun abstracting; abstract idea; abstract qualities in art; absent-mindedness.
abstruse adjective hard to understand; profound.
absurd adjective wildly inappropriate; priate; ridiculous.
abundance noun plenty; more than enough; wealth.
abundant adjective plentiful; rich.
abuse verb use improperly; misuse; maltreat; insult verbally.
abuse noun misuse; insulting language; corrupt practice.
abusive adjective insulting, offensive.
abut verb border on; touch or lean on.
abysmal adjective very bad; dire.
abyss noun deep chasm.
AC abbreviation alternating current.
acacia noun tree with yellow or white flowers.
academia noun the world of scholars.
academic adjective scholarly; of learning; of no practical relevance.
academic non teacher or scholar in university.
academician noun member of Academy.
academy noun place of specialized training; society of distinguished scholars, artists, scientists
acanthus noun spring herbaceous plant with spiny leaves
accede verb take office, esp. as monarch assent to.
accelerate verb increase speed; cause to happen earlier.
accelerator noun device for increasing speed, esp. pedal in vehicle
accent noun style of pronounciation of region or social group; emphasis; prominence given to syllable by stress or pitch; mark on letter indicating pronounciation.
accent verb emphasize; write or print accents on.
accentuate verb emphasize, make prominent.
accept verb willingly receive; answer affirmatively; regard favourably; receive as valied or suitable.
acceptable adjective worth accepting; tolerable
access noun way of approach or entry; right or opportunity to reach, use or visit
access verb gain access to (data) in computer.
accessible adjective reachable or obtainable; easy to understand.
accession noun taking office, esp. as monarch; thing added.
accessory noun additional or extra thing; small attachment or item of dress; person who abets in or in privy to illegal act.
accident noun unintentional unfortunaate esp. harmful event; event without apparent cause; unexpected event
accidental adjective happening or done by chance or accident
acclaim verb welcome or applaud enthusiastically
acclaim noun applause; welcome; public praise.
acclimatize verb adapt to new climate or condition
accolade noun praise given; touch made with sword at conferring of knighthood.
accommodate verb provide lodging or room for; adapt, harmonize, reconcile; do favour to;
accommodating adjective obliging
accommodation noun lodgings; adjustment, adaption; convenient arrangement
accompaniment noun instrumental,orchestal support for solo instrument,voice, or group; accompanying things
accompany verb go with,attend;be done or found with
accomplice noun partner in crime
accomplish verb succeed in doing;achieve,complete
accomplished adjective clever,skilled
accomplishment noun completion(of task etc);acquired esp. social skill; thing achieved.
accord verb be consistent or in harmony;grant,give.
accord noun agreement;consent
accordance noun in confirmity to
according adverb as stated by;in proportion to or as.
accordingly adverb as circumstances suggest or require;consequently
accordion noun musical reed instrument with concertina-like bellows,keys and buttons
accost verb approach or speak boldly to
account noun narration.description;arrangement at bank etc for depositing and withdrawing money etc. statement of financial transaction with balance;importance;behalf
account verb consider as
accountable adjective responsible,required to accountfor one's conduct;explicable
accountant noun professional keeper or verifier of financial accounts
accoutrements noun equipment or trappings
accredit verb attribute;credit;send with credentials
accredited adjective officially recognized;generally accepted
accretion noun growth by accumulation or organic enlargement; the resulting whole;matter so added
accumulate verb acquire increasing number or quantity of;amass,collect;grow numerous;increase
accumulator noun recharable electric cell;bet placed on sequence of events,with winnings and stake from each placed on next
accurate adjective precise;conforming exactly with truth etc
accure verb come as natural increase or advantage. esp. financial
accursed adjective under a cursed;colloquial detestable,annoying
accusative noun case expressing object of action
accusative adjective of or in accusative
accuse verb charge with fault, crime or blame
accustom verb make used to
accustomed adjective customary;used(to a thing)
ace noun playing card with single spot;person who excels in some activity;unreturnable service
ace adjective excellent
acerbic adjective harsh and sharp esp. in speech or manner
acetate noun compound of acetic acid, esp. the cellulose ester; fabric made from this
acetic adjective of or like vinegar
acetone noun colourless volatile solvent of organic compounds
acetylene noun inflammable hydrocarbon gas,used esp. in welding
ache noun continuous dull pain;mental distress
ache verb suffer from or be the source of an ache
achieve verb reach or attain by effort; accomplish (task etc); be successful
achilles noun 1. Achilles heel- vulnerable point 2. Achilles tendon- tendon attaching calf muscles to heel
achromatic adjective transmitting colours without separating it into colours; free from colours
achy adjective suffering from aches
acid noun substance that neutralizes alkalis,turns litmus red and usually contains hydrogen and is sour, drug LSD
acid adjective having properties of acid,dour,biting and sharp
acrylic adjective made of acrylic acid
acrylic noun acrylic fibre, fabric, or paint
acrylic acid noun a pungent liquid organic acid
act noun thing done, deed; process of doing; item of entertainment; pretence; main division of play; decree of legislative body
act verb behave; perform actions or functions; have effect; perform in play; pretend;
acting adjective serving temporarily as.
actinism noun property of short-wave radiation that produces chemical changes, as in photography
action noun process of doing or acting; forcefulness, energy; exertion of energy or infulence; deed, atc; series of events in story, play
actionable adjective providing grounds for legal action
aesthete noun 1. a person who has or professes to have redefined sensitivity toward the beauties of art of nature
ambrosial adjective 1. exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell; especially delicious or fragrant 2. worthy of the gods; divine
androgynous adjective partly male and partly female in appearance; of indeterminate sex
arrears plural noun the state of being behind or late, especially in the fulfilment of a duty, promise, obligation, or the like
axle noun spindle on which wheel turns or is fixed
ayatollah noun religious leader in Iran
aye adverb archaic or dialect yes
aye noun affirmative answer or vote
azalea noun kind of rhododendron
azimuth noun angular distance between point below star
azure adjective & noun sky-blue
baa noun & verb bleat
babble verb talk, chatter, or say incoherently or excessively; murmur; repeat foolishly
babble noun babbling; murmur of water
babe noun baby
babel noun confused noise, esp. of voices
baboon noun large kind of monkey
baby noun very young child; childish person; youngest member of family etc.; very young animal; small specimen
babysit verb look after child while parents are out
baccart noun gambling card games
bachelor noun unmarried man; person with a university first degree
bacillus noun rod shaped bacterium
backgammon noun board game with pieces moved according to throw of dice.
background noun back part of scene etc.; inconspicuous position; person's education, social circumstances, etc.; explanatory information.
backing noun help or support; material used for thing's back or support; musical accompaniment.
backward adjective directed backwards; slow in learning; shy
backwards adverb away from one's front; back foremost; in reverse of usual way; into worse state; into past; back towards starting point
bacon noun cured meat from back and sides of pig
bacteriology noun study of bacteria
bacterium noun single-celled micro-organism.
bad adjective inadequate, defective; unpleasant; harmful; decayed; ill, injured; regretful, guilty; serious, severe; wicked; naughty; incorrect, not valid
bade archaic past of BID
badge noun small flat emblem worn as sign of office, membership, etc. or bearing slogan.
badger noun nocturnal burrowing mammal with black and white striped head.
badger verb pester.
badinage noun banter
badly adverb in bad manner; severely; very much.
badminton noun game played with rackets and shuttlecock.
baffle verb perplex; frustrate.
baffle noun device that hinders flow of fluid or sound.
bag noun soft open-topped receptacle; piece of luggage;
bag colloquial large amount; animal's sac; amount of game shot by one person.
bag verb secure, take possession of; bulge, hang loosely; put in bag; shoot (game).
behalf noun on behalf of, in the interests of, as representative of
behave verb react or act in specified way; conduct oneself properly; work well
behaviour noun manners, conduct, way of behaving
behaviourism noun study of human actions by analysis of stimulus and response
behead verb cut head from; execute thus
beheld past & past participle of BEHOLD
behest noun literary command, request
behind preposition in or to rear of; hidden by, on farther side of; in past in relation to; inferior to; in support of
behind adverb in or to rear; on far side; remaining after others departure; in arrears
behind noun colloquial buttocks
behold verb look at; take notice; observe
beholden adjective under obligation
behove verb formal be incumbent on; befit
beige noun pale sandy fawn colour
beige adjective of this colour
bildungsroman noun a type of novel concerned with the education, development, and maturing of a young protagonist.
bra noun woman's undergarment supporting breasts
brace noun device that clamps or fastens tightly; timber, strengthening framework; straps supporting trousers from shoulders; wire device for straightening teeth
brace verb make steady by supporting; fasten tightly; invigorate; prepare for difficulty, shock
bracelet noun ornamental band or chain worn on wrist or arm
brainy adjective intellectually clever
braise verb stew slowly in closed container with a little liquid
brake noun device for stopping or slowing wheel or vehicle; thing that impedes
brake verb apply brake; slow or stop with brake
bramble noun wild thorny shrub, esp. blackberry
bran noun husks separated form flour
branch noun limb or bough of tree; lateral extension or subdivision of river, railway, family etc.; local office of business
branch verb divide, diverge
brand noun particular make of goods; trade mark; label, etc.; characteristic kind; identifying mark made with hot iron, iron stamp for this; piece of burning or charred wood; stigma
brand verb mark with hot iron; stigmatize; assign trade mark; impress unforgettably
brandish verb wave of flourish
brandy noun strong spirit distilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
brash adjective vulgarly assertive; impudent
brass noun yellow alloy of copper and zinc; brass objects; brass wind instruments
brasserie noun restaurant, originally one serving beer with food
brassica noun plant of cabbage family
bagatelle noun game in which small balls are struck into holes on inclined board; mere trifle
bagel noun ring-shaped bread roll
baggage noun language; portable equipment of army
baggy adjective hanging loosely
bagpipes plural noun musical instrument with windbag for pumping air through reeded pipes
baguette noun 1. long thin French loaf 2. a gem, especially a diamond, cut in a long rectangular shape
bail1 noun security given for released prisoner's return for trial; person(s) pledging this
bail1 verb give bail for and secure release of (prisoner)
bail2 noun Cricket either of two crosspieces resting on stumps
bail3 verb 1. scoop water out of (a ship or boat) 2. let someone down
bailey noun outer wall of castle; court enclosed by this
barbarian noun uncultured or primitive person
barbarian adjective 1. uncultured; primitive 2. relating to ancient barbarians
barbaric adjective uncultured; cruel; primitive
barbarism noun barbaric state or act; non-standard word or expression
bedaub verb smear with paint
bedding noun mattress and bedclothes; litter for cattle
bedeck verb adorn, decorate
bedevil verb torment, confuse, trouble
bedlam noun scene of confusion or uproar
beginner noun learner
beginning noun time at which thing begins; source, origin; first part.
bailiff noun sheriff's officer who executes writs, performs distraints, etc.; landlord's agent or steward
bailiwick noun district of bailiff
bairn noun child
bait noun food to entice prey; allurement
bait verb torment (Chained animal); harrass (person); put bait on or in (fist-hook, trap)
baize noun usually green felted woolen fabric used for coverings etc
bake verb cook or become cooked by dry heat esp. in oven;
baker noun professional bread-maker
bakery noun place where bread is made or sold.
baksheesh noun gratuity, tip
Balaclava noun woolen covering for head and neck.
balalaika noun Russian triangular-bodied guitar-like musical instrument.
balance noun even distribution of weight or amount, stability of body or mind; weighing apparatus; counteracting weight or force; regulating device in clck etc.; decisive weight or amount; difference between credits and debits; remainder
balance verb bring or come into or keep in equilibrium; offset, compare; equal, neutralize
balcony noun outside balustraded or railed platform with access from upper floor; upper tier of seats in theatre.
bald adjective lacking some of all hair on scalp; without fur, frethers
balderdash noun nonsense
balding adjective become bald.
bale1 noun bundle of merchandise or hay
bale1 verb make up into bales.
balm noun aromatic ointment; fragrant oil or resin exuded from some trees; thing that heals or soothes; aromatic herb.
balmy adjective fragrant, mild, soothing
balsa noun lightweight tropical American wood used for making models.
balsam noun balm from trees; ointment; tree yielding balsam; any of several flowering plants.
ballyhoo noun loud noise, fuss; noisy publicity
ballroom noun large room for dancing.
ballistic adjective of projectiles.
ballistics plural noun science of projectiles and firearms.
ballad noun poem or song narrating popular story; slow sentimental song
ballast noun heavy material stabilizing ship, controlling height of balloon, etc,; coarse stone, as bed of road or failway
ballast verb 1. give stability to (a ship) by putting a heavy substance in its bilge. 2. form (the bed of a railway line or the substratum of a road) with gravel or coarse stone.
cab noun taxi; driver's compartment in lorry, train, crane, etc.
cabal noun secret intrigue; political clique
cabaret noun entertainment in restaurant
cabbage noun vegetable with green or purple leaves forming a round head
cabbage colloquial dull or inactive person
cabby colloquial taxi driver
caber noun tree trunk tossed as sport in Scotland
cabin noun small shelter or house, esp. of wood; room or compartment in aircraft ship
cabinet noun cupboard or case for storing or displaying things; casing of radio, television
cable noun encased group of insulated wires for transmitting electricity; thick rope of wire or hemp; cablegram
caboose noun kitchen on ship's deck.
cabriolet noun car with folding top.
cacao noun seed from which cocoa and chocolate are made; tree bearing it.
cache noun hiding place for treasure, supplies; things so hidden
cache verb place in cache
cachet noun prestige; distinguishing mark or seal; flat capsule for medicine
cack-handed adjective colloquial clumsy, left-handed
cackle noun clucking of hen; raucous laugh; noisy chatter
cackling verb emit cackle; chatter noisily.
cacophony noun harsh discordant sound
cactus noun plant with thick fleshy stem and usually spines but no leaves.
campestral adjective of or relating to fields or open country
capable adjective having power and ability; efficient; competent
chiasmus noun a reversal in the order of words in two otherwise parallel phrases
conciliate verb 1. to overcome the distrust or hostility of; placate 2. to win or gain 3. to make compatible; reconcile
connubial adjective of marriage of wedlock; matrimonial; conjugal
cruel adjective causing pain or suffering, esp. deliberately; harsh, severe
cruet noun set of small salt, pepper, containers for use at table
cruise verb sail about, travel by sea for pleasure, calling at ports; travel at relaxed or economical speed; achieve objective with ease
cruiser noun high-speed warship; cabin cruiser
crumb noun small fragment of bread; soft inner part of loaf;
crumb verb coat with breadcrumbs; crumble
cubic adjective of three dimensions; involving cube of a quality
cubicle noun small screened space, esp. sleeping compartment
cubism noun art style in which objects are represented geometrically
cubit noun ancient measure of length, approximately length of forearm
cuboid adjective like a cube; cube-shaped
cuboid noun solid with six rectangular faces
cuckold noun husband of adulteress
cuckold verb make cuckold of
cud noun half-digested food chewed by ruminant
cuddle verb hug; lie close and snug; nestle
cuddle noun prolonged hug
cuddly adjective soft and yielding
cudgel noun thick stick used as weapon
cudgel verb beat with cudgel
crosspiece noun a beam or bar fixed or placed across something else
carillon noun set of bells sounded from keyboard or mechanically; tune played on this
Carmelite noun friar of Order of Our Lady of Mount Carmel; nun of similar order
Carmelite adjective of Carmelites
carminative adjective relieving flatulence
carminative noun carminative drug
da capo adverb repeat from beginning esp. music
dab hand noun expert
dab1 verb press briefly and repeatedly with cloth etc.; apply by dabbing; aim feeble blow; strike lightly
dab1 noun dabbing; small amount, dabbed on; light blow
dab2 noun kind of marine flatfish
dabble verb engage superficially; move about in shallow water
dabchick noun little grebe
dace noun small freshwater fish
dacha noun Russian country cottage
dachshund noun short-legged long-bodied dog
dactyl noun metrical foot of one long followed by two short syllables.
dad noun colloquial father.
daddy noun colloquial father.
dado noun lower, differently decorated, part of interior wall.
daffodil noun spring bulb with trumpet-shaped yellow flower.
doctrinaire adjective dogmatic about others' acceptance of one's ideas; fanatical
dodgem noun small electrically powered car at funfair, bumped into others in enclosure
dodgy adjective colloquial unreliable, risky
dodo noun large extinct flightless bird
doe noun female fallow deer, reindeer, hare, or rabbit
disposal noun disposing of
dispose verb incline, make willing; temd; arrange suitably; having a specified inclination; determine events
disposition noun natural tendency; temperament; arrangement
dispossess verb deprive; oust, dislodge
disproof noun refutation
disproportion noun lack of proportion
disproportionate adjective out fo proportion; relatively too large or too small
disprove verb prove false
disputable adjective open to question
disputant noun person in dispute
each adjective one of two or more, regarded separately.
each pronoun each person or thing
eager adjective keen, enthusiastic.
eagle noun large bird of prey.
eaglet noun young eagle.
ear1 noun organ of hearing, esp. external part; faculty of discriminating sound; attention.
ear2 noun seed-bearing head of cereal plant.
earl noun British nobleman ranking between marquess and viscount.
early adjective & adverb before due, usual, or expected time; not far on in day or night or in development.
earmark verb set aside for special puropse.
estrange verb cause (someone) to be no longer on friendly terms with someone
emigrate verb leave own country to settle in another
émigré noun emigrant, polictical exile
eminence noun recognized superiority; rising ground;
eminent adjective distinguished, notable
emir noun title of various Muslim rulers.
emirate noun position, reign, or domain of emir
emissary noun person sent on diplomatic mission
emit verb give or send out; discharge
emollient adjective softening; soothing
emollient noun emollient substance
fab noun colloquial talk, chatter.
fable noun fictional tale, esp. legendary, or moral tale, often with animal characters.
fabled adjective celebrated ;legendary.
fabric noun woven material; walls, floor, and roof of building; structure.
fabricate verb construct, esp. from components; invent (fact), froge (document)
fabulous adjective colloquial marvellous; legendary.
façade noun face or front of building; outward, esp. deceptive, appearance.
faceless adjective without identity; not identifiable.
facet noun aspect; side of cut gem.
facetious adjective intended to be amusing, esp. inappropriately.
facial adjective of or for the face.
facial noun beauty treatment for the face.
fleshly adjective worldly; carnal
Fletcherize verb to chew slowly and thoroughly
flew past of FLY
flews plural noun hanging lips of blood-hound
flex1 verb bend; move to bend joint
flex2 noun flexible insulated cable
flexible adjective able to bend without breaking; pliable; adaptable
flexion noun bending; bent apart
flexitime noun system of flexible working hours
flitch noun side of bacon
flitter verb flit about
floaty adjective light and airy
flocculent adjective like tufts of wool
floppy adjective tending to flop; flaccid
floppy noun flexible disc for storage of computer data
fraction noun part of whole number; small part, amount; portion of mixture obtainable by distillation
fractious adjective irritable, peevish
fracture noun breakage, esp. of bone
fracture verb cause fracture in, suffer fracture
fragile adjective easily broken; delicate
gabardine noun a strong twilled cloth; raincoat of this.
gabble verb talk or utter unintelligibly or too fast.
gable noun triangular part of wall at end of ridged roof.
gad verb go about idly or in search of pleasure.
gadfly noun fly that bites cattle.
gadget noun small mechanical device of tool.
galluses noun a pair of suspenders for trousers
hiss verb make sharp sibilant sound, as of letter s; express disapproval of thus; whisper urgently or angrily
hiss noun sharp sibilant sound
histamine noun chemical compound in body tissues associated with allergic reactions
histology noun study of tissue structure
historian noun writer of history; person learned in history
historic adjective famous in history or potentially so; grammar used to narrate past events
historical adjective of history; belonging to or dealing with the past; not legendary; studying development over period of time
historicity noun historical genuineness or accuracy
historiography noun writing of history; study of this
history noun continuous record of events; study of past events; total accumulation of these; past of record
histrionic adjective (of behaviour) theatrical, dramatic
histrionic noun (in plural) insincere and dramatic behaviour designed to impress
hit verb strike with blow or missile; strike with force; affect adversely; aim blow; propel with bat; achieve, reach; colloquial encounter, arrive at
hit noun blow; shot that hits target; colloquial popular success
hitch verb fasten with loop etc.; move with jerk
hi-tech adjective high-tech
hither adverb formal to this place.
HIV abbreviation human immuno-deficiency virus, either of two viruses causing Aids
hive noun beehive
hives plural noun skin eruption, esp. nettle-rash
ho interjection expressing triumph, derision, calling attention
hoard noun store
hoard verb amass and store
hoarding noun structure erected to carry advertisements; temporary fence round building site
hoar-frost noun frozen water vapour on lawns
hoarse adjective rough, husky; having hoarse voice
hoary adjective white or grey with age; aged; old and trite
hoax noun humorous or malicious deception
hoax verb deceive with hoax
hob noun hotplates on cooker or as separate unit; flat metal shelf at side of fire for heating pans
hobble verb walk lamely, limp; tie together legs of to keep it from straying
hobble noun limping gait; rope used to hobble horse
hobby noun leisure-time activity pursued for pleasure
hobgoblin noun mischievous imp; bogy
hobnob verb mix socially or informally
hobo noun wandering worker; tramp
impugn verb challenge; call in question
impulse noun sudden urge; tendency of follow such urges; impelling; impetus
impulsive adjective apt to act on impulse; done on impulse; tending to impel
impunity noun exemption from punishment or injurious consequences
impure adjective adulterated; dirty; unchaste
impurity noun being impure; impure thing or part
impute verb ascribe (fault)
inculcate verb 1. to implant by repeated statement or admonition; teach persistently and earnestly 2. to cause of influence (someone) to accept an idea or feeling
jab verb poke roughly; stab; thrust hard or abruptly
jab noun abrupt blow or thrust;
jabber verb chatter volubly; utter fast and indistinctly
jabber noun chatter, gabble
jabot noun frill on front of shirt or blouse
ketch noun kind of two-masted sailing boat
ketchup noun spicy sauce made esp. from tomatoes.
kettle noun vessel for boiling water in
kelvin noun SI unit of temperature
ken noun range of knowledge or sight
ken verb recognize, know
kendo noun Japanese fencing with banboo swords
lineage noun lineal descent, ancestry
lineal adjective in direct line of descent or ancestry; linear
lineament noun distinctive feature or characteristic, esp. of face
linear adjective of or in lines; long and narrow and of uniform breadth
linen noun cloth woven from flax; articles made or originally made of linen, as sheets, shirts, underwear,
liner1 noun ship or aircraft carrying passengers on regular line.
liner2 noun removable lining
ling1 noun long slender marine fish
ling2 noun kind of heather
linger verb stay about; dally; be protracted; die slowly
lingerie noun women's underwear and nightclothes
lingo noun colloquial foreign language
lingual adjective of tongue; of speech or languages.
linguist noun person skilled in languages or linguistic
linguistic adjective of language or the study of languages
linguistics noun study of language and its structure
liniment noun embrocation
lining noun material used to line surface
link noun one loop or ring of chain; one in series; means of connection
link verb connect, join; clasp or intertwine
linkage noun linking or being linked
links noun golf course
Linnaean adjective of Linnaeus or his system of classifying plants and animals
linnet noun brown-grey finch
lino noun linoleum
linoleum noun canvas-backed material coated with linseed oil, cork
linseed noun seed of flax
lint noun linen or cotton with one side made fluffy, used for dressing wounds; fluff
lintel noun horizontal timber, stone, over door of window
lion noun large tawny flesh-eating wild cat of Africa and S. Asia; brave or celebrated person
lionize verb treat as celebrity
lip noun either edge of opening of mouth; edge of cup, vessel, cavity, esp. part shaped for pouring from
liquefy verb make of become liquid
liqueur noun any of several strong sweet alcoholic spirits
liquid adjective having consistency like that of water or oil, flowing freely but of constant volume; having appearance of water; (of sounds) clear, pure; (of assets) easily convertible into cash
liquid noun liquid substance
liquidate verb wind up affairs of; pay off; wipe out
liquidation noun liquidating, esp. of firm
liquidity noun state of being liquid; having liquid assets
liquidize verb reduce to liquid state
liquidizer noun machine for liquidizing foods
liquor noun alcoholic drink; other liquid, esp. that produce in cooking
liquorice noun black root extract used as sweet and in medicine; plant from which it is obtained
lira noun chief monetary unit of Italy and Turkey
lisle noun fine cotton thread for stockings
lissom adjective lithe, agile
literate adjective able to read and write
literate noun literate person
litre noun metric unit of capacity
megillah noun a lengthy and tediously complicated situation or matter
misprint noun printing error
misprint verb print wrongly
mispronounce verb pronounce wrongly
misquote verb quote inaccurately
misread verb read or interpret wrongly
misrepresent verb represent wrongly; give false account of
misrule noun bad government
misrule verb govern badly
miss verb fail to hit, reach, meet, find, catch, or perceive; fail to seize; regret absence of; avoid; misfire
miss noun failure
misshapren adjective deformed, distorted
missile noun object, esp. weapon, suitable for throwing at target or discharging from machine; weapon directed by remote control or automatically
missing adjective not in its place; lost; not traced but not known to be dead
mission noun task or goal assigned to person or group; journey undertaken as part of this; military or scientific expedition; group of people sent to conduct negotiations or to evangelize; missionary post
missionary adjective of or concerned with religious missions, esp. abroad
missionary noun person doing missionary work
missive noun letter; official letter
misspell verb spell wrongly
misspend verb spend wrongly or wastefully
misstate verb state wrongly or inaccurately
mist noun water vapour in minute drops limiting visibility; condensed vapour obscuring glass; dimness or blurring of sight caused by tears
mist verb cover or be covered with mist
mistake noun incorrect idea or opinion; thing incorrectly done, thought, or judged
mistake past participle misunderstand meaning of; wrongly take for another
mistaken adjective wrong in opinion or judgement; based on or resulting from error
mistime verb say or do at wrong time
mistle thrush noun large thrush that eats mistletoe berries
moped noun low-powered motorized bicycle
moquette noun thick pile or looped material used for upholstery
moraine noun area of debris carried down and deposited by glacier
moral adjective concerned with goodness or badness of character or behaviour, or with difference between right and wrong; virtuous in conduct
moral noun moral lesson of story; moral principles or behaviour
morale noun confidence, determination of person or group
moralist noun person who practises or teaches morality
morality noun degree of conformity to moral principles; moral conduct; science of morals
moralize verb indulge in moral reflection or talk
morass noun entanglement; literary bog.
nixie noun a letter or parcel that is undeliverable by the post office because of a faulty or illegible address
obconical adjective conical,with the attachment at the pointed end.
pastrami noun seasoned smoked beef
pastry noun dough of flour, fat and water; food made wholly or partly of this
pasturage noun pasture land; pasturing
pasture noun land covered with grass for grazing animals; herbage for animals
pasture verb put to pasture; graze
periscope noun apparatus with tube and mirrors or prisms for viewing objects otherwise out of sight
perish verb suffer destruction, die; lose natural qualities; rot or deteriorate; suffer from cold
perishable adjective subject to speedy decay; liable to perish
perishable noun perishable thing
perisher noun slang annoying person
perishing adjective confounded; intensely cold
perishing adverb confoundedly
peritoneum noun membrane lining abdominal cavity
peritonitis noun inflammation of peritoneum
periwig noun wig
periwinkle1 noun evergreen trailing plant with blue or white flower
periwinkle2 noun winkle
perjure verb commit perjury; guilty of perjury
perjury noun wilful lying while on oath
perk1 verb recover courage, smarten up, raise briskly
perk2 noun colloquial perquisite
perky adjective lively and cheerful
perm1 noun permanent wave
perm1 verb give permanent wave to
perm2 colloquial noun permutation
perm2 colloquial verb make permutation of
permafrost noun permanently frozen subsoil, as in polar regions.
polyphonic adjective consisting of many voices or sounds.
qua conjunction in the capacity of
quack1 noun harsh sound made by ducks
quack1 verb utter this sound
quack2 noun unqualified practitioner of madicine;
quad colloquial noun quadrangle; quadruplet; quadraphonics
quad adjective quadraphonic
quadrangle noun 4-sided plane figure, square or rectangle; 4-sided court in college
quadrant noun quarter of circle of sphere or of circle's circumference; optical instrument for measuring angle between distant objects
quadraphonic adjective using 4 transmission channels
quadrate adjective square, rectangular
quadrate noun rectangular object
quadrate verb make square
rebut verb refute, disprove; force back
recant verb withdraw and renounce as erroneous or heretical
recap colloquial recapitulate
recapitulate verb summarize, restate briefly
recast verb cast again; put into new form; improve arrangement of
recast noun recasting; recast form
rosin noun resin, esp. in solid form
seepage noun act of seeping; quantity that seeps
seer noun person who sees; prophet, visionary
seersucker noun thin cotton fabric with puckered surface
see-saw noun long board supported in middle so that children sitting on ends move alternately up and down; this game; up-and down or to-and-fro motion, contest
see-saw verb play or move (as) on see-saw
see-saw adjective & adverb with up-and-down or to-and-fro motion
seethe verb boil, bubble; be very angry, resentful
segment noun part cut off or separable from other parts; part of circle or sphere cut off by intersecting line of plane
segment verb divide into segments
segregate verb put apart, isolate; separate from the rest of the community
seigneur noun feudal lord
seine noun large vertical fishing net
seismic adjective of earthquake
seismograph noun instrument for recording earthquake details
seismology noun the study of earthquakes
seize verb take hold or possession of, esp. forcibly, suddenly, or by legal power; take advantage of; comprehend quickly or clearly; affect suddenly
seizure noun seizing, being seized; sudden attack of epilepsy, apoplexy
seldom adverb rarely, not often
select verb choose, esp. with care
select adjective chosen for excellence of suitability; exclusive
sonorous adjective 1. rich and full in sound, as language or verse. 2. giving out or capable of giving out a sound, especially a deep, resonant sound, as a thing or place 3. loud, deep, or resonant as a sound 4. high-flown; grandiloquent
tackle noun 1. equipment, apparatus, or gear, especially for fishing: 2. a mechanism or apparatus, as a rope and block or a combination of ropes and blocks, for hoisting, lowering, and shifting objects or materials; purchase. 3. any system of leverage using several pulleys.
tackle verb 1. to undertake to handle,master,to deal with a person or problem 2. to harness 3. to seize suddenly
ugly adjective very unattractive or unpleasant to look at;disagreeable
virgule noun 1. a short oblique stroke (/) between two words indicating that whichever is appropriate may be chosen to complete the sense of the text in which they occur. 2. a dividing line, as in dates, fractions, a run-in passage of poetry to show verse division 3. a short oblique stroke (/) used in computing; a forward slash
wool-gathering noun indulgence in idle fancies and in daydreaming; absentmindedness.
woke verb a simple past tense of wake
wool-gathering noun indulgence in idle fancies and in daydreaming; absentmindedness.
woke verb a simple past tense of wake
xanthian adjective of or relating to the ancient city of Xanthus.
xanthoma noun a yellow papule or nodule in the skin, containing lipid deposits.
yadkin noun a part of the Pee Dee River that flows SE through central North Carolina.
yack verb yak2
zabaglione noun Italian dessert of whipped and heated egg yolks, sugar and wine.
zany adjective comically idotic; crazily ridiculous
zap verb slang kill, destroy; attack; hit hard
zeal noun frevous, eagerness; hearty persistent endeavour
zealot noun extreme partisan, fanatic
zebra noun African black and white striped horse-like animal
Zeitgeist noun spirit of times
Zen noun form of Buddhism emphasizing meditation and intuition
zenith noun point fo heavens directly overhead; highest point
zephyr noun literary mild gentle breeze
zero noun figure 0, nought, nil;
zero adjective no, not any
zero verb adjust to zero
zest noun piquance; keen interest or enjoyent, relist, gusto; outer layer of orange or lemon peel.
zigzag adjective with abrupt alternate right and left turns
zigzag noun zigzag line, thing having sharp turns
zigzag adverb with zigzag manner of course
zigzag verb move in zigzag course
zilch noun nothing
zillion noun colloquial indefinite large number; very large number
Zimmer frame noun kind of walking frame
zinc noun greyish-white metallic element
zing noun vigour, energy
zing verb move swiftly, esp. with shrill sound
aconite noun any of the various poisonous plant
acoustic adjective sound or sense of hearing
acolyte noun assistant of priest
acme noun highest point
acne noun skin condition with red pimples
becquerel noun SI unit of radioactivity
beckon verb summon by gesture; entice
beep noun short high-pitched sound
begone interjection go away at once
belfry noun bell tower
cadence noun rhythm
cadet noun young trainee in armed services or police force
cadge verb seek by begging
cadi noun judge in Muslim country
cagoule noun light hooded windproof jacket
dank adjective damp and cold
damage noun harm
daft adjective foolish, silly, crazy
dais noun low platform in the hall
damson noun small dark purple plum
edgy adjective irritable, anxious
edify verb improve morally
ecru noun light fawn colour
egress noun going out
bibliophile noun a person who has great love for collecting the books
malleable adjective capable of shaped by beating with a hammer; pressed with a roller without breaking or cracking
pliable adjective supple enough to bend freely or repeatedly without breaking
supple adjective bending and moving easily and gracefully; flexible
accelerando adverb gradually increase in speed
intel noun useful information concerning a subject of interest
niece noun a daughter of one's brother or sister, or of one's brother-in-law or sister-in-law
spine noun backbone; spinal or vertebral column
whine noun a long, high-pitched complaining cry
whine verb give or make a long, high-pitched complaining cry or sound
urine noun the yellowish liquid waste that is released from the body when you urinate
brine noun water strongly impregnated with common salt; water saturated with salt
brine verb soak or preserve in salty water
allow verb
  1. let (someone) have or do something.
  2. give the necessary time or opportunity for.
verdure noun
  1. lush green vegetation
  2. the fresh green colour of lush vegetation
  3. freshness in general; vigor
extremism noun advocacy of extreme measures
extraction noun extracting; removal of tooth; lineage
extinct adjective no longer existing; no longer burning; obsolete
forehead noun part of face above eyebrows
forehand adjective (of stroke) played with palm of hand facing forward
forehand noun forehand stroke
foreground noun part of view nearest observer
forgone conclusion noun easily foreseeable result
forefoot noun front foot of animal
forefront noun leading position; foremost part
forefinger noun finger next to thumb
humorist noun humorous writer, talker or actor
humorous adjective showing humour, comic
humidity noun dampness; degree of moisture especially in atmosphere
humiliate verb injure dignity or self-respect
humility noun humbleness; meekness
hummock noun hillock, hump
hummus noun dip of chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon juice and garlic
imprecise adjective not precise
impregnable adjective safe against attack
impregnate verb fill, saturate; make pregnant
impetus noun moving force; momentum; impulse
kiln noun oven for burning, baking or drying pottery
kingfisher noun small river bird with often bright with large head and long sharp beak
kink noun twist or bend in wire; tight wave in hair
kink verb form or cause to form a sharp twist or curve
kitsch noun vulgar; pretentious, or worthless art
kinship noun blood relationship; similarity
invoice noun Bill for usually itemized goods.
invoicing verb Send invoice to make invoice of
invoking verb
  1. Call on in prayer or as witness; appeal to
  2. Cite or appeal to (someone or something) as an authority for an action or in support of an argument.
involuntary adjective Not controlled by will; without exercise of will
involute adjective Intricate; Curled spirally
invulnerable adjective That cannot be wounded
involving verb To share experience or effect
inward adjective Directed towards inside; Spiritual; Going in; Situated within
inwards adverb Towards inside; In mind or soul
inwardly adverb On the inside; In mind or spirit; not a loud