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Food Facts

Potatoes first appeared in Europe in the 17th century, it was thought that they were disgusting, and caused outbreaks of leprosy.

Black olives contain 10-30 per cent more oil than green olives.

Lemon juice helps in reducing the swelling caused by insect bites.

Of all the vegetables, beets contain the most sugar.

Bananas contain a natural chemical which can make a person happy. This chemical is found in Prozac.

The world’s deadliest mushroom is the Amanita Phalloides, also known as the Death Cap.

Honey is the only food that does not spoil. Honey found in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs has been tasted by archaeologists and found edible.

An egg that is fresh will sink in water, but a stale one won’t.

Blueberries have more anti-oxidants than any other fruits or vegetables.

The pectin that is found in apples aids in lowering cholesterol levels.

Large doses of coffee can be lethal, ten grams, or 100 cups over 4 hours, can kill an average human.

The sandwich is named for fourth Earl of Sandwich (1718-92), for whom sandwiches were made so that he could stay at the gambling table without interruptions for meals.

Sugarcane belongs to Grass species.

The citric acid found in lemon juice is said to be able to dissolve a pearl.

Peanut butter is an effective way to remove chewing gum from hair or clothes.