Sardarji Jokes

Sardar wrote a letter to Bill Gates:
Sir, I have some questions to ask you,
1. The keyboard are not in order, when will you release the correct version?
2. There’s START but no STOP button why so?
3. Sir I have learnt MS-Word, when will you release MS-Sentence?
4. There is a recycle bin, but not rescooter bin why? Because I have owned a scooter.
5. Finally, a personal question, why is your name GATES even though you sell WINDOWS.
Sardar saw a poster at a police station.
“Two Gujarati men wanted for rape.”
Sardar: Fuck man! These Gujaratis always get the best jobs!
Sardar started a college.

Name of the college is…

Sardar medical college of engineering.
Sardarji: How much is my mobile bill?
Call center girl: Sir, just dial 123 to know the current bill status.
Sardarji: Stupid, not current bill! My mobile bill.
Sardar got a job in Airtel customer care.
Customer: Hello my AIRTEL sim is locked what to do?
Sardar: Just remove AIRTEL and put DoCoMo. Thank you for calling.
Sardar and wife went for divorce
Judge: You have three kids how will you divide them?
Sardar thinks: Ok we will come next year with one more kid.
Once there was a mirror that killed anyone who lied.
French: I think I don’t smoke. (died)
American: I think I love my wife. (died)
Sardar: I think… (died)
Sardar was riding a helicopter near Kashmir.
After some time it crashed.
When asked what happened, he replied, It was too cold so I switched off the helicopter fan.
Sardar took the headphone from pilot
Pilot: What the hell you doing?
Sardar: First drive the plane. Listen to music later.
Friend: Do you know swimming?
Sardar: No.
Friend: Dog is better than you, it swims.
Sardar: Do you know swimming.
Friend: Yes.
Sardar: Then what’s the difference between you and a dog.
Santa saves painting cost:
Paints the ceiling white and writes SAME AS ABOVE on the walls!
Sardar was repeatedly buying movie tickets.
Finally the ticket seller asks him why?
Sardar: Some guy standing at the door is tearing my ticket!
Sardar gives dictation test for the students.
Last bench students say that: We are not able to hear.
So Sardar replies: OK I’ll write on the board.