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Software Tamil Movies

  1. Kannukkul Nilavu: Thinking of going US in H1B
  2. Sollamale: Without notice and resignation, quitting the job
  3. Gopura Vasalile: US Embassy entrance
  4. HouseFull: H1B quota over
  5. Vazhave Mayam: H1B rejected
  6. Kushi: H1B Stamped
  7. Varumayin Niram Sivappu: Bench without salary
  8. Tic tic tic: First day in client's place
  9. Punnagai Mannan: Doesn't understand what the Client says.
  10. Aasai: To have green card
  11. Minsarakkanavu: Green card
  12. Amarkalam: Returning to native (mainly village) from US after 1 year
  13. Alaipayuthe: Jumping from one company to another
  14. Mugavari: Dreaming of starting new company Programming
  15. Kandukonden Kandukonden: After finding the bugs
  16. Basha: One patch fixes 100 bugs (OR) A fix introducing 100 new bugs
  17. Gentleman: Writing proper comments on code
  18. Raman Ethanai Ramanadi: Polymorphism
  19. Enakul Oruvan: Data Encapsulation
  20. Oru veedu Iru Vaasal: Multiple Inheritance TCS
  21. Kaithy Kannayiram: TCS employee
  22. Oru kaithiyin Diary: Biodata of TCS employee Characters
  23. Padikkatha Methai: Year 2000 programmer
  24. Gokulathil Seethai: MBA guy doing Java programming
  25. Hey Ram: Doing M. Tech in IITs and joining as Programmer Trainee
  26. Chinnathambi: 2+ yr exp. guy becoming a PL (Project Leader)
  27. Periyanna: 4 yrs exp. guy still being a PE (Project Enggr.)
  28. Nalai Namathe: Non CSE students doing computer courses in Training Institutes Indian working in a foreign country getting INR salary
  29. Ayirathil Oruvan: WIN NT kernal! mode device drivers programmer
  30. Iruvar: Bill Gates and Bill Clinton
  31. Velaikkaran: Programmer
  32. Ejaman: Project Manager
  33. Thiruda Thiruda: Code stealer Sun/Microsoft
  34. Suriyan: Sun Microsystem
  35. Suryavamsam: Sun's family of products
  36. Nattammai: Bill Gates