C Program to calculate Simple Interest

Simple interest is given by the formula: $$si = (p * t * r) / 100$$ In this program the user enters: $$p - principal amount \\ t - time (in years) \\ r - rate of interest$$$ This program calculates simple interest by taking the above inputs from the user and prints the result to the console.


void main()
	int p, t, r;
	float product, si=0;
	printf("Enter principal amount, time and rate of interest\n");
	printf("Principal amount:\t");
	scanf("%d", &p);
	scanf("%d", &t);
	printf("Rate of Interest\t");
	scanf("%d", &r);
	product = p*t*r;
	si = (p*t*r)/100;
	printf("Simple interest = %f\n", si);


Enter principal amount, time and rate of interest
Principal amount:	1200
Time:	12
Rate of Interest	8
Simple interest = 1152.000000