Two Cents Worth Tips

These tips will help you in your everyday life. Includes Health tips, beauty tips, home tips, career tips, finance tips.

Beauty Tips

Natural bleach for darkened neck, mix salt, lemon juice and turmeric and apply.

Hate foundation, but want a bright face? Try tinted moisturizer.

Use an ear bud to remove nail polish - the most convenient way.

Set for the party? Try a pony tail with a French twist- elegant!

Acne: Boil tea + tulsi for 20 minutes and apply with a cotton ball.

Toned skin: Have Vitamin C and E rich foods- apples, citrus fruits, cereals.

Olive oil contains anti-oxidants, which adds up years to your youth.

Make your own eye-shadow base: Use your concealer and loose powder.

Oily skin? Makeup will stay longer if you apply astringement first.

Premature graying of hair: Grate ginger mix with honey. Eat one teaspoon daily.

Black spots? Grind betel leaves and add coconut oil. Apply daily.

Wash your face with warm water and then cold water- stimulates blood flow.

Minimize a large nose - Use shadowing on either side of the nose.

Burnt skin while curling your hair? Apply water, then petroleum jelly.

For younger look, try to avoid lipstick in brown shades.

Dandruff: add 8 drops of lemon juice to 4 teaspoon hair oil and apply.

Tired of oily, sticky hair? Have less fried food and more water.

Frequent licking of lips damages its protective layer causing dryness

Shop wisely: Skip those fancy lipsticks, choose one with SPF.

Cracked lips? Water bottle is a must in your kitty for hydration.

Dry skin but not too sensitive? Exfoliate 2 to 3 times/week to get rid of scaly patches.

For a night cream, mix 1/2 cup olive oil, 1/4 cup water and vinegar.

Hair sheds on a daily basis. Losing 57-150 hairs/day is normal.

Dandruff is like a slow poison. Use Multani mitti based pack.

Avoid clarifying hair care products more than once per week. They dry your hair.

Wrinkles: mix sandalwood powder, rosewater, glycerin and apply.

Use separate day and night creams to protect your skin as it ages!

Shades of rust/ruby/bronze shadow give your eyes a festive look.

Skin care: mix coarse salt and bath gel to make a great body scrub.

Dark circles? Wrap a grated raw potato in cheese cloth and apply to eyelids.

Dandruff? Mix one tablespoon of olive oil + one teaspoon of lime juice and apply.

Be dramatic: Wear gold glitter on top of eye and under arch of the brow.

Lips no longer have a harsh outline; the fuller, nude look is in.

Unpleasant ageing signs? Work out to slow the ageing process.

Amla Paste for hair prevents graying and falling, and gives cooling.

Oily skin? Use an almond face pack as your weekly treatment.

Use little night cream- too much of it won't allow your skin to breath.

Rosemary (herb) oil: Effective for dandruff, helps hair growth.

Rosemary herb is a natural hair conditioner, especially dark hair.

Dream of smooth and silky hair? Remedy: egg white + curd + lemon.

Dandruff: Add tea tree oil + chamomile to coconut oil. Wash after one hour.

Want healthy and lustrous hair? Eliminate stress as the first step.

Reduce hair-fall: chew on a tsp of sesame seeds on a daily basis.

Boost hair growth: Mix rosemary and olive oil and massage on scalp.

Thin hair mix rosemary oil + olive oil. Apply at least once per week.

Oily hair? Use henna as a conditioner. Leave only for an hour.

Weak hair: mix egg yolk + curd + lemon juice. Wash after 30 minutes.

Dandruff - apply extracts of hibiscus flower, wash after few minutes.

Lavender oil- helps treat lice and itchiness in scalp; prevents hair loss.

Dark circles: (normal skin): apply a honey lemon and almond paste.

Dark circles (on dry skin): Apply almond paste and milk and milk regularly.

Dark circles: Apply almond oil daily, leave for 15 minutes.

Get an instant face-lift: Scrub your face with oatmeal + milk.

Natural pack for a dry skin and dull skin: curd + Honey + lemon juice.

Dark circles: apart from a balanced diet, meditation and yoga help.

Causes of dark circles: hereditary factors, malnutrition, stress and sun-sensitivity.

Protein (in almonds, sprouts, soy, etc) keeps your skin youthful.

Don't step outside with your hair wet, you risk breakage.

Limit using hot items in hair (blow dryers, etc) during winters.

Pesky skin blemishes? Apple honey + lemon + turmeric regularly.

Curly hair? Avoid using straightening iron. They'll be more frizzy.

Brittle hair? Protect it from the cold and wind with a scarf.

FOOD FOR SKIN: Vitamin E - Avocados, nuts, seeds, olive oil.

Vitamin A (in carrots) strengthens the protective tissue of skin and prevents acne.

Acne-prone? Use water-based or "non-comedogenic" skin products.

Leave-in conditioners help keep your scalp moist during winter.

Skin looks tires? Mix one teaspoon vinegar and rosewater each and apply.

Get gorgeous! Relax your facial muscles through simple pranayama.

Sparkling lashes: Put bronze powder on lashes instead of mascara.

Try this! Wear contrasting eye-shadow on your upper and lower lids.

Don't rub itchy eyes. It leads to wrinkles on the delicate area.

Don't rub eye cream into skin; just pat it with your finger.

Avoid greasy lotion which treats only the top layers of your skin.

Frizzy hair? Mix a cupful of vinegar in water in your final rinse.

You can layer your existing lip-shades to create fun new options.

Use your transparent brow pencil as lip-liner prevents smudging.

Food for hair: Sweet corn: its lycopene strengthens hair follicles.

Get your skin glow back with a healthy digestive system- up your water intake.

Hair fall? A tea spoon of sesame seeds taken regularly should help.

Sleeping with your face into your pillow? The creases on your skin may turn onto wrinkles over time.

Do you know? Hot water and long baths rob your skin of essential oils.

Dull skin could be due to lack of fiber- grab an apple next time you need a snack.

Anthocyanins (pigment) in raspberry and cherry fight age monsters.

Use a gentle cleanser for acne-prone skin. Soap can clog pores.

Creamy and greasy cosmetic, up or chances of getting blackheads.

Love spicy food? Your skin may not. Go easy if you have delicate skin.

Lack of hair moisture causes hair static. Brush with natural bristles.

Avoid excessive wash in winter- depletes natural hair oils.

Comb your hair, avoid rigorous brushing. It prevents hair damage.

No eyeliner? Dip a dampened brush in a dark eye shadow and apply.

Oily skin: Avoid masks with mint or other irritating ingredients.

If you have oily skin, try using a clay mask to reduce the oil.

Protect your hair: keep a dryer at least 6 inches away form hair.

Make prominent eyes look smaller with a wide coat of liquid liner.

Sparkling eye- Outline the inside of lashes with a white pencil.

Natural bleach for skin: Massage with this: Milk and lemon juice.

Want a fair complexion? Mix honey, milk, yogurt and ground sesame seeds and apply.

See your skin blemishes disappear! Apply honey mixed with water.

Nails crack while filing? File when them while the polish is still on.

Eyebrow tweezing pains? Rub ice over the area first to numb it.

Hair fall? Mash beetroot leaves in henna paste and apply; cures dandruff too.

Blackheads- Apply warm honey, a natural peel. Wash after 10 mins.

Rough palms? Use a mix of glycerin and lime in equal proportion.

Natural acne remedy: grind dried orange peel, add water and apply.

Wash face with a mild soap and warm water to maintain skin health.

Do you know? Over 8-9 hairbrush strokes a say can damage hair.

Brushing helps distribute the natural hair oils. Don't over do.

Hair mask: 2 eggs + 4 teaspoons olive oil. Rinse and cover for 10 mins.

Home facial- Apply dry oatmeal and water. Wash off with warm water.

Cure hair fall: Eat a bowl of sprouts in the morning regularly.

Condition oily hair with: 1 teaspoon aloe + 1 tablespoon lemon + shampoo.

Sizzling tips - use a deep shade of rose, and apply metallic gloss.

Better complexion: Apply yogurt with a little water added to it.

Pimple scars: Apply tomato pulp daily and wash off after an hour.

Don't let your split-ends multiply: Tie your hair as far as possible.

Hair loss: Massage with castor oil, almond oil or coconut oil.

Glowing skin: Massage with olive/mustard/sesame oil before sleeping.

Avoid a shade of foundation that makes you look fairer or darker.

Dry hair, hair loss, oily skin could be due to zinc deficiency. Consume spinach and mushroom.

The color of your eye shadow and your blushers should match your attire.

Nails split easily? Always use a moisturizer after washing hands.

For softer hands, put them in milk before beginning your manicure.

Sunburn? You can use aloe/yogurt/tea tree oil/calamine lotion.

Hair Care Pack egg white, 2 teaspoon castor oil, 1 teaspoon glycerin.

File your nails regularly to make them strong and help grow them.

Constantly polished nails become weaker- give your nails a break.

Make short fingers look longer- pick a pale shade of varnish.

Tanned skin? Apply a face-mask of egg white and honey.

Moisturizing mask for dry skin: Honey + lemon + vegetable oil.

A natural, easy-to-make cleanser: Mix cucumber with milk and apply.

Apply to dark areas: Lemon + cucumber juice + turmeric daily.

Consume carrot juice daily and notice your blemishes fading!

Want an instant glow on your face? Massage a mix of honey and milk.

Beauty Secret: To bleach your skin, rub cucumber slice on your face.

Dandruff: Apply almond oil + gooseberry juice with finger tips.

Use a large brush to apply a blusher to get a more natural look.

Improve complexion with: powdered orange peels mixed with milk.

Pesky pimples? Apply a mixture of turmeric and neem on your face.

Heal your chapped hands: Rub them with damp table salt.

Cleanse your skin before wearing makeup to prevent blocked pores.

Blow dry your hair before wearing makeup - the heat may smudge your makeup.

Soak nails in milk thrice/week and see them grow faster and stronger.

Don't expose your feet them to extreme climate- extreme cold/heat.

Scrub for your feet: Massage your feet with sugar and olive oil.

Nourishing skin mask carrot + apple paste. Leave for 15 minutes.

Ugly scars? Vitamin E oil helps, especially for pimple scars.

Hair-loss: Take powdered basil, bay and margosa leaves; add water. Apply and keep for 30 minutes.

Face-brightening pack: Honey + besan + milk cream + olive oil.

Pimples: Apply crushed mint leaves + oats. Wash with warm water.

Quick pimple remedy: Apply a paste of sandalwood and turmeric.

Vitamin A, in leafy vegetables, fish oil, papaya, helps prevent hair loss.

Dressing trick: Go for an all over print to hide figure problems.

Health-n-natural! Apply neem juice if you suffer from hair fall

Lipstick lasts longer if stored in the fridge. Heat and light reduce its shelf life.

Dry hair: Massage with warm coconut oil and use an egg based shampoo.

Safe-n-natural eye cleanser: Dip a cotton ball in milk and clean.

Exfoliate once a week with oats, gram flour or any other scrub.

Apply clear coat to your toe nails to keep them from cracking.

Dark circles: Massage almond oil at bed time and see the difference.

Dip cotton wad in cucumber juice and place on eyes to relax them.

2-in-1! Apply castor oil to prevent wrinkles + soften your skin.

Dandruff? Apply 8-10 drops of lemon juice mixes with 4 teaspoons oil.

For soft-n-supple skin- Apply mashed banana and wash off after 10 mins.

Colored your hair? Condition it to restore the moisture lost during coloring.

Control hair breakage: While shampooing, lather for not over 30 seconds.

The basic tip for beauty care is to have a balanced diet with essential nutrients.

Tomato juice with lemon juice can be applied to the face to give a radiant look.

Yana's secret: Have coconut water more religiously than water.

Use papaya powder to wash away dead cells and make skin tighter.

Fair? Go for a subtle-colors make-up for that right look!

Small eyes? Dark eye-shadows will make them appear even smaller.

Want soft hands? Rub your hands with a dab of Vaseline.

Neem leaves are excellent for pimples. Crush neem leaves to a paste and apply this to the affected parts. It helps pimples dry faster.

Hair-fall? Take one cup of strong black tea mixed with a table spoon of salt. Stain, massage on the roots of your hair. Leave it on for an hour and rinse.

Oily skin? Soak 2-3 teaspoon of methi (fenugreek) seeds overnight/ grind into a paste, rub on your face. Once it dries, wash with cool water.

ShilpaShetty swears by the goodness of baby oil and coconut oil! Soap can dehydrate your skin. Massage your skin with baby oil / coconut oil for a smooth skin.

Use a multicolored lacquer to polish the nails for that sheer tinted look and you may also dye them with bright nail colors with high gloss with a steady hand.

Make up mantra to steal a look. Emphasise your eyes with a soft grey liner.

Deep breathing for even 15 minutes/day, can delay ageing signs.

Soha Ali Khan look: Line your eyes with kohl. Use a neutral eye shadow.

Double chin: Open your mouth wide for 10 seconds. Repeat a few times.

You can try egg oil (like Oleova) for pigmentation around the eyes. Massage it well into the skin, leave for an hour and wash off with a mild face wash.

For a sheer look, dilute your foundation with 2 drops of water for normal skin, toner for dry skin, or 2 drops of Witch Hazel for oily skin into your foundation.

For the look of perfect skin, apply your foundation first, then mix your concealer into your foundation. Apply on the mixture into areas that need more converge, then lightly powder. By mixing your concealer and foundation together, you get the perfect color and perfect coverage every time.

Want to lighten your stick foundation coverage? Just mix the stick foundation with a dot of moisturizer on the back of your hand.You'll still get the coverage that you like, without the heaviness. Update your look even more, by applying only where needed, like under the eyes, around the nose ,and spot applying where needed. Set with a touch of loose powder, and your look just went from opaque to sheer.

Want to keep that summer glow going all year round? An easy way is to take your favorite bronzer stick or liquid, and run a bit on your fingertips. And your moisturizer on top. Blend and apply on your face. What you get is a softer and lighter version of your bronzer that works for the fall and winter months.

FOOD FOR HAIR: Grape juice is excellent for healthy hair growth.

Getting bulky? Help in household work. It is satisfying too!

For smooth skin: Have omega-3 rich flax seed, walnuts, soya bean.

Want your hair to look voluminos? Back-comb the crown area.

A tried and tested miracle for dandruff: lemon juice + coconut oil.

Tonic for healthy hair: Dried amla powder mixed with lemon juice.

Moisturizing is important even for oily skin. It's a healthy habit.

Add greens, reds and orange in diet- good antioxidants for skin.

To look fresh wash face with cold water and rub ice in the morning.

Raw potato juice + lemon juice- best pack to rid dark spots.

Hollowed cheeks and eye socket? It's due to fatigue. Fruit juices help.

Healthy nails and hair: Proteins and biotin, in green vegetarian are a must.

Lack of fat soluble vitamin makes hair rough. Let your diet have ghee.

Lustrous hair, brew coffee strongly, apply to dry hair, leave for 20 mins.

Make up mantra - a tinted moisturizer helps even out your complexion.

An all-in-all face pack from a TV celebrity Besan, Honey, lime and curd.

Pooja bedi's make up funda: Bright eyes go well with light lips.

Highlight the best feature of your face, avoid over-doing makeup.

Get the stunning Rekha look with a dash of deep burgundy and rose.

FACT: Berries have beta carotene that helps protect skin damage.

Quick-n-easy cracked heels- Apply glycerin and rose water daily.

Beware! Overeating sugar can drive you dull and wrinkled skin.

Dehydration can lead to cracked and chapped lips. Have lots of water.

Lips peel due to lipstick, food, etc? You need to see a doctor.

Papaya pulp clears your skin of all impurities and reduces pimples.

Keep your lips delicate with a natural or fresh-tones lip color.

Rid pimples and blackheads in a natural way! Apply papaya pulp.

Tired of dry, itchy and scaly skin? Massage face with almond oil.

Dark circles: You can use a mark concealer after wearing make-up.

A little fat is needed in your diet for skin, hair and nails. Use olive oil.

Make-up: Must always use a sponge to apply a cosmetic product.

Damaged hair? Protein treatments + oiling is your way to go.

Gel blush helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Volumnizing shampoos don't help much- they are a good start to your hair style.

Split-ends? The best way to treat them is to cut them off.

Sunscreen sprays don't help as SPF isn't measurable on hair.

Soha Ali Khan style! For the nails, use a natural shade of pink.

Is a high end shampoo worth it? Yes. It has fewer sulfates, that are damaging.

Lighten dark under eye circles- apply grated raw potato.

Mask for a glowing sensitive skin! Aloe vera + calamine lotion.

Oily skin tomato/lemon juice + milk. Apply and leave for 20 minutes.

Face pack for dry skin: Soaked almond paste + curd + jojoba oil.

Lack of melanin makes lips susceptible to sunburn. Use sun screen.

Dandruff: apply curd once a week, about half-and-hour before washing hair.

Dark lipstick with a harsh lip line makes your lip look tiny.

Going for a swim? Protect your hair from chlorine - apply baby oil.

Hair growth oils like coconut oil, rosemary, chamomile help.

Clogged pores cause most skin impurities. Do regular clean ups.

Wash any product out of your hair with a final clod water rinse. It closes pores.

Go natural! Treat your hair with olive oil for deep conditioning.

Dandruff: Massage vinegar and let it dry for a few minutes and wash.

Dandruff: Sandalwood oil + 3 times amount of lemon juice. Apply and keep for 30 minutes.

Itchy scalp? Mix olive oil and grated ginger root and apply.

Dandruff is more common in dry hair- oil hair as often as you can.

Itchy scalp? Apply a paste of 2 egg whites + lime juice.

Yogurt - A natural peel. Its alpha hydroxyl acid ups cell turnover.

For strong nails, fill up on beans as it's rich in amino acids.

Use light lip colors for thin lips and deep shades for fuller lips.

Dark lips: Apply almond and coconut oils + glycerin.

Weak nails? Include cucumber in your diet. It's rich in minerals.

Eyes look droopy? Make the eyeliner thicker at the inner corner.

To lift your eyes, create an upward-pointing wing with the eyeliner at the outer end.

Avoid smudging: Apply mascara after wearing eye shadow and eye liner.

FUNDA: Gel eye liner is apt for night; blue/green looks dramatic.

Wide awake eyes! Apply orange eye shadow into the inside corner of your lids.

Sunflower seeds are vitamin rich and make an excellent facial scrub.

Avoid wearing kajal as eyeliner - tends to make eyes look dull.

Smokey eyes - line the lower lid with kajal and smudge with ear bud.

Sunburn: Use aloe vera gel. It's a soothing and non-toxic solution.

Age spots besides cucumber juice, castor oil is also effective.

Dandruff: one teaspoon coconut oil + curd + neem paste. Apply and wash with cold water.

Want lush eyelashes? Apply castor oil to them regularly.

Small eyes? Dark eye-shadow will make them appear even smaller.

FUNDA: It's the best to apply moisturizer before wearing any make up.

Fair? Go for a subtle-colored make-up for that right look!

Quick-n-easy: Applying papaya pulp can rid pimples and black heads.

What causes acne? Overactive oil glands, heredity and dead skin cells.

Don't use body lotion for your face- facial skin's more sensitive.

MAKEUP FUNDA: select a blush that's a close match to your lipstick

After nail coloring, apply a transparent coat to lock the color.