Two Cents Worth Tips

These tips will help you in your everyday life. Includes Health tips, beauty tips, home tips, career tips, finance tips.

Health Tips

Whenever you smoke, feel sorry and once again resolve to quit.

Say no to carbonated drinks! They create bloating in the stomach.

Avoid heavy workout just before bedtime, it makes your body alert.

Recovering from wound? Have 2 teaspoons honey in morning. It heals faster.

You lose precious minerals when you sweat. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Never defeat or protect your smoking habit on any occasion.

Give your mind ample of proof of how smoking is a bad habit.

Lack of sleep changes hormone levels and capacity to metabolize carbonates.

Flossing your teeth daily prevents gum disease and tooth decay.

Swimming and Tai Chi are the best for cardio-respiratory fitness.

Drinking basil water aids in keeping throat infection and cough away.

Diarrhea? Chew raw guava leaves! It’s an excellent quick fix.

Pregnant moms can drink saffron added to milk, to get a fair baby.

For children’s fever and cough, give some honey mixed with water.

Stress-buster! Press thumbs into each side of your forehead 10 times.

FOOD FUNDA: A natural compound in broccoli eases respiratory problem.

Stiff shoulder: Rub circles just below the outside of your little toe.

Tried hands: run cold water over them. This instantly relaxes them.

During high temperatures, cut on tea/coffee. They rob you of water.

Want relief from sour throat? Eat betel leaves 2-3 times a day.

While reading keep a book at chest level to avoid any headache.

Lemon juice + water, 6 glasses/day helps kidneys, easing back pain.

Incessant coughing? Have a cup of hot milk with 2 spoons of honey.

Post meals, munch on fennel seeds. They help forming hemoglobin.

Want a toned stomach? Just stand straight. Correct posture helps.

Head aches? Maintain blood sugar levels by eating high-fiber food.

Want to lose weight? Have lots of water- it ups your calorie burning rate.

You’ll get better results form workout by having milk (Esp. cow’s milk).

Opt for fiber and protein rich breakfast- cereals/low-fat curd/fruits.

Fiber alone cannot ease bowel movement. Drink plenty of water too.

Magnesium-rich bananas help generate energy needed to do daily chores.

Tummy care – avoid ‘contradictory foods’ – fish-butter, sour fruits-milk.

Want to lose weight quickly? You may risk developing cholesterol gallstones.

Strong immune system prevents flu- take haldi in hot milk at night.

AVOID FLU: Have 2 pods of garlic on empty stomach with warm water daily.

AVOID FLU: Take a small piece of camphor with mashed potato once/twice a month to boost the immune system.

Remedy to avoid flu: have 3 tulasi leaves- keep throat and lungs clear, improves immunity.

H1N1 virus typically spreads from coughs and sneezes or by touching contaminated surfaces. Weak immune system or underlying illness can make it serious.

Sweet-tooth? Chew gum. It clears bacteria, cuts your urge to eat too.

H1N1 is surely curable with timely diagnosis and a 5-day medication.

Flu caused by H1N1 virus is commonly referred to as swine flu. It spreads through direct contact, or by touching a contaminated surface.

Fever along with respiratory problem is likely to be a complication of flu.

Bowel disorder: Chew food well, at least 15 times per bite.

Fact: Walnuts, almonds and pistachios may help stop cancerous tumors.

FLU: Multi-layered scarves are more effective than surgical masks.

Trick: add a few minutes daily to your daily walk/ walk more on weekends.

H1N1 Fact the morality rate is less than 0.01% of those affected.

Flu Surgical mask protects against the normal flu not H1N1virus.

Quick, easy way, to lose weight? Eat breakfast! Can it get simpler?

Prolonged stress ups cortisol (stress hormones), making you crave junk foods.

Fact you burn about 25% of the eggs’ calories just to digest them.

Post workout, sip water and don’t gulp it down. It prevents stomach cramps.

Tooth ache? Massage haldi + dalchini.

RECHARGE YOURSELF: take a 1 week break from exercise every 2-3 months.

Get fit it bits! Look for in daily chores how to add movement into your life.

A natural compound found in broccoli helps ease respiratory problem.

Go bananas! Bananas have iron and stimulate hemoglobin production.

Pineapple: Rich in manganese, used by your body to build bones.

Skimmed milk paneer low-fat + has more proteins than ready-made one.

Low-grade activity like feet-tapping gesturing burn up to 350 calories/day.

For bone density and strong muscles, add weight-bearing exercises to your workout.

Upset stomach? Try munching on pieces of ginger or ginger candy.

Nimbupaani- its potassium content helps deal with cardiac problems and high B.P.

SIT UPRIGHT – it relives strain from spine and weight bearing muscles.

Backache every morning? Monitor your sleeping posture and change positions frequently.

FIGHT THE FAT digestive biscuits have sugary carbohydrates. Limit your intake.

Home remedy for skin infections: apply equal parts of honey + cinnamon.

Rich source of vitamin K, unpeeled cucumbers help ease skin irritations.

Vary the pace of aerobic workout- boosts fitness and burns more cal.

Heart burn/ ulcers? Drinking cucumber juice will give you relief.

Cucumbers good for people with low/high B.P. as they’re potassium-rich.

A glass of water before meal- helps digestion and makes you feel full sooner.

Eat slowly. This gives your body the time to recognize when you are full.

Belly fat? Incorporate mono-unsaturated fats or “MUFAS” into meals.

FACT stress produces cortisol (hormone) which turns into belly fat.

Get rid of fat belly: never go over 4 hours without eating in the day.

Squats help increase your muscle mass and overall strength and power.

Belly fat? Try this out! Eat four 400- calorie meals per day.

Mushrooms beef up body’s defenses- add them to soups, salads, etc.

Mix yogurt with fruit, freeze for a few hours and make a healthy shake!

Whole-wheat bread is rich in fiber, satisfies hunger, keeping kilos away.

Yogurt, a low-cal dessert, helps you lose weight faster and trim your tummy.

Add yogurt to your diet- it revs up your body’s fat burning engines.

Grapes nutrition powerhouse, full of anti-oxidants (heart-healthy).

Bananas have a whooping 467 mg of potassium and only 1 mg of sodium- perfect for B.P. control.

Banana: its calcium strengthens and fiber beats constipation.

High B.P.? Try these potassium rich coconut water and orange juice.

Barley, full of beta-glucan fiber, helps lower bad cholesterol.

Oats have beta-glucanfibre-whisks excess cholesterol out of body.

High B.P.? aim for one banana a day and see the difference after a week!

POWER FOODS olive oil and almonds reduce age-related brain disorders.

Sharpen memory sprinkle flax seeds (alsi seeds) over salad, cereals.

Figs (anjeer) a sweet way to lose weight as they are high in fiber.

RESEARCH: Eating 5 apples a week lowers the risk of respiratory illness.

KIWI FRUIT: rich in anti-oxidants and fiber, has a vision-saving lutein.

Figs are a rich source of potassium, fiber and vitamin B6 (mood booster).

Nasty skin infection? Have zinc-rich food like peanuts, pumpkins.

Wake up fresh: Avoid coffee, red wine and chocolate the night before.

Ladies, beware! Stiletto heels may look good, but they causes poor posture and back problems.

Healthy sweet treat for DIWALI! Use condensed milk instead of khoya.

Watching weight? Avoid fried/salted nuts and dried fruits this diwali.

Healthy touch to diwali snacks: add leafy veggies – methi / palak / mint.

Lemon juice added to water / tea can be a natural cure for headache.

EXERCISE: Ensures flow of nutrients and infection-fighting cells; boosts immunity.

Build your protection shield- a strong immune system, eat mushrooms.

Acidity? Have enough water. Drink butter milk/cold milk/coconut water.

Brushing soon after meals can damage tooth enamel softened by acids in foods.

Battling increase in sugar levels? Have a bottle gourd / celery juice.

Crave fried food? Opt for olive oil- low in ‘bad cholesterol’ has zero trans fat.

Eat the healthy way! Leave veggies in large pieces and the skin on.

Plum has cleansing agents that keep blood pure and prevent heart diseases.

A hot bath with eucalyptus and rosemary oils help ease painful joints.

Go low-cal this diwali use skimmed milk for dishes like kheer, etc.

Low-cal diwali make munchies with high-fiber flour- bajra/ragi/soya.

Cure headache: slice a lemon and smell it. The fragrance de-stresses.

Cough-prone? Surround yourself with pot plants for pure air.

Exercise for spine: Stand-up, put hands on lower back and lean back.

Relieve heart burn: drink cold water with a few mint leaves in it.

Cut onions 10 minutes before eating- it has more nutrition value.

Move more make it a daily challenge to find ways to move your body.

Losing calories: have a quick breakfast at early in the morning including.

Want to lose weight? Keep off hunger pangs by picturing your last meal.

Never cook in painted and decorated pans- they may have toxic materials.

Have a liquid diet: Fruit/vegetable juices, milk, etc once per month- detoxifies body.

Having cold water after meals solidifies the oil food you consumed.

Diet do’s: Eat water-rich foods like water melon, spinach, etc. low calorie make you fuller.

Dieting? Add wheat barn to wheat flour (for rotis) - increase fiber in your diet.

Diet do’s: have a fruit instead of its juice gives no fibre.

Fill your stomach half with food, ¼ with fluid, and leave the rest for air.

Do you know? Honey shouldn’t be cooked- it slows digestion that way.

Avoid fruit at once after a meal. It can bloat your stomach with air.

Avoid fatty foods before workout- slow to digest, cause discomfort.

Don’t bathe at once after a meal- reduces blood circulation around stomach and affects digestion.

Suffer from acidity? Don’t take too hot or too cold meals.

Avoid starvation at all costs, it retains fat more effectively.

Combat acidity with: fruits, veggies, jeera, ajwain, small and frequent meals.

On a weight-loss spree? Choose brown rice, it helps on weight loss.

Consuming too much red meat can lead to hypertension and heart problems.

Switch to healthy mineral rich salts- rock salt/ Himalayan salt/ sea salt.

Ghee/butter substitute: cold-pressed olive oil, oilseeds, groundnut, sesame seeds.

Why whole grains? Inorganic ones have pesticides, which accumulates in body and cause diabetes, cancer etc.

Solid, unsaturated fats in butter, ghee cause cholesterol building.

Belly fat- Do 3 sets of 15 crunches on a stability ball 2-3 times a week.

Belly fat? – cut/burn 500 cal and drink two cups of green tea/day-helps!

Why jaggery and not sugar? Sugar kills digestive enzymes and enters the blood stream quickly.

Belly fat: Intake monounsaturated the fatty acids daily (almonds, olives).

Want to work off the fat around your belly? Say no to sweets and fats.

Beat the heat: Have pot water / variyali water / soaked black raisins.

Sit-ups don’t do much for ab-muscles. They may damage the back too.

No: Sugar loaded energy drink.

Yes: Lime / cane juice, coconut water.

No: processed food chips, etc- loaded with sodium.

Yes: sprouts bhel.

Feel low on energy? Skip coffee, grab lemon tea/ green tea/ veg soup.

Get the best from pineapple- Have it between meals. It aids digestion.

Low BP? Overly hot baths cause jump in body temperature and trigger low BP.

Keep fit at work: keep water handy. It’ll ease stress and energize you.

Avoid jet-leg: Eat well-balanced meals and avoid overeating.

Health at work: When it’s practical, schedule walking meetings.

Fitness at work: Stretch your legs and arms frequently, circle your ankles.

Keep fit at work: Make reasons to walk around- prevents fatigue.

Indulge in ‘exergaming’- Video games that also provide exercise.

Fact: Lentils are a tummy flattener, high in protein and soluble fiber.

Overheating cashew ups magnesium level, causing constipation and headache.

Almonds satisfy hunger- have a handful if you are trying to lose weight.

Hazelnuts: Help in production of blood and improve mental health.

Almond give you calcium, protein, fiber; good for diabetes and obesity.

Control vomiting sensation naturally! Have tulsi juice with honey.

Teething and gum problems? Massage with sesame/clove oil every morning.

Fiber in peanuts eases bowel movement. Its vitamin B prevents Alzheimer’s.

Peanut: Has omega-3 fats, magnesium, zinc- maintains heart’s health.

Soaked/sprout the nuts are healthier. They’ve higher protein levels.

Sleep on your back? Put a small pillow under knees- prevents backache.

Muscle workouts help keep bone and muscle ailments like arthritis away.

(Winter) Indulge in soups this season and keep yourself warm, hydrated and healthy.

Engage in strenuous muscle work, it can help you stay young for long.

Value the walk- Improves blood circulation and greater immunity.

VAJRASAN for gas trouble, high BP: fold legs with keens together and sit on them, rest palms on knees.

A handful of cashew give you iron, enhance red blood cells function.

Cure your aching back- massage with eucalyptus oil.

A vegetarian’s substitute for meat- Tofu is rich in proteins and B-vitamins.

Fluctuating blood sugar leads to weight gain especially around the belly.

Nutmeg (Jaiphal): Helps control diarrhoea, vomiting, stomachache.

Regular exercise helps regulate cortisol (stress hormone) production.

When you’re stressed, your body’s constantly flooded with cortisol (stress hormone) that ups your appetite.

Nutritional deficiencies disrupt sugar level, causing weight gain.

Snack healthy: Carrot, cucumber, boiled black chana, soya nuts.

Nutmeg (Jaiphal) can give you relief from cough and the common cold.

Avoid running downstairs. It puts much pressure on your knee and joints.

When sitting, etc, remind yourself to pull your abs in and not to slouch.

Tummy upset? Starch in potatoes helps bind still. Have baked/boiled.

Exercise your brain-it withers with lack of use. Read, solve problems.

Watermelon- Regular intake helps contain B.P and cuts risk of stroke.

Nothing quells your appetite like water. It rids you of bloat and toxins.

A glass of water as soon as you get up lets out all digestive juices.

Cool down after workout to lower heart rate and stretch your muscles.

Cure sore throat: Add one teaspoon vinegar in water. Gargle, and then gulp it.

Eye care: Pause every 20 minutes to look away from your PC screen.

Eat intelligent. Ask yourself whether your body really needs it.

Even anticipating a laugh can boost feel-good hormones. (endorphins) by almost 30%!

“Good bacteria” probiotics help prevent stress- induced gastro probs.

Green tea: Treats headaches, depression, arthritis, cardio diseases.

Caffeinated drinks (tea/coffee/soft drinks) rob your body of water.

Cure headache: Cut a lime in half and rub it on your forehead.

When you cook dal, add some refined oil/garlic to avoid gas trouble.

Lower your blood sugar- Have juice of carrots/karela/spinach regularly.

Ditch: Table butter Choose: Cholesterol-free butter- it’s healthier.

Travel distances you from your burdens. Make a trip to a place you love.

Can’t push yourself to have enough water? Try sipping with a straw.

Laughter can boost feel-good hormones (endorphins) by almost 30%!

Exercise outdoors in fresh air as much as possible. It perks you up.

Health trick. Use a non-stick cooking pan- you’ll limit oil consumption.

Each time you have something sweet, it’s going to add on somewhere.

Dry cough: Soak almonds and remove skin. Make a paste with butter and sugar.

Gum problems? Massage them with powdered carom seeds (ajwain).

Ginger juice and warm honey taken before sleep relieves severe cough.

Vitamin C in oranges shortens the duration of your cold.

Each fat gram has 9 cal. So, check before you pick a packet of chips!

Bananas: Provide enough energy for a 90-min workout, rich in fiber, natural sugar.

Up your blood level: Soak two figs overnight and have them early morning.

Hard-boiled eggs make you burn more cal digesting them than what they add.

Regular / moderate / aerobic workout 3-4 times/week helps burn stored fat.

Headache after a workout and you don’t have high BP? You are over doing it.

Control diabetes: Drink tomato juice with salt and pepper every morning.

Harmful fat: Processed meat, chicken skin, meat, fried fish, etc.

Avoid coffee / tea on empty stomach. It makes your stomach release acid.

Be healthy and glowing! Eat 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Never skip a meal. Your metabolism slows down if you keep yourself hungry.

Exercise before breakfast or early evening as our metabolism slows down about 8 hours post wake up.

Fresh fruit juices during breakfast help cut on caffeine content.

Burnt skin? Apply Aloe Vera.

Pomegranate juice taken early morning helps reduce cholesterol.

Toothache: Get a cold wet cloth and chew on it. It should subside.

Lack of hemoglobin causes breathlessness during air travel. Take due precautions.

FACT: A faster metabolism helps burn more calories and store less fat.

MIND-IT! Side to side twist won’t help much to shrink your waistline.

The recommended 5 or more servings of veggies and fruits a day, reduces cancer risk by 20%.

Plant a garden- Homegrown veggies taste good and it’s an exercise too!

Add water to fruit – aids absorption and prevents rising blood sugar levels.

Suffer from sinus? Avoid swimming in water treated with chlorine.

Low-fat foods are often laced with sugar, which also has calories.

Training too hard lowers fitness; resting your body appropriately is important.

Spinach: Cuts the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and cataract.

Crash dieting over exercising and fasting slow down your metabolism.

High B.P.: Take 1/4 teaspoon pepper powder with 1/4 cup of curd on empty stomach daily.

If you suspect food allergies, put extra garlic in the foods you cook.

Research says: Spicy foods like pepper, etc help boost metabolism.

Carrot has beta-carotene, rich in vitamin A and vital for good eyesight.

Did you scald / burn yourself? Apply egg white. It relieves in a while.

Backache every morning? Monitor your sleeping posture and change positions frequently.

Cabbage contains potent antioxidant activity – fights breast cancer.

How do you get the best out of cabbage? Eat it raw or lightly cooked.

Walnuts: Give fiber, essential fatty acids, amino acid ‘tryptophan’.

Relieve an insect bite: Mix castor oil & lime (1:1) juice and apply.

Sitting immobile in ling flights can cause blood clotting, dehydration and nausea.

Swap fried fast food with low-calorie snacks (popcorn, soya sticks) in your office drawer.

Bacteria ‘acidophilus’ in yogurt fights intestine and yeast infections.

Health at work: When it’s practical, schedule walking meetings.

Suffer from acidity? Don’t take too hot or too cold meals.

Try using a citrus-scented room spray. Citrus scents can make you feel more energetic and youthful, and reduce anxiety and depression.

Heartburn home remedy: Eat fresh papaya (papita) or drink papaya juice as it soothes the stomach by promoting a healthy acidic environment.

To prevent motion sickness, avoid reading while traveling. Reading will have your eyes fixed on a stationary object, yet your body feels the motion.

Getting treated for ulcers? Skip caffine and alcohol for faster cure.

Vitamin B5 is a stress buster. Include soyabean and mushrooms in your diet.

Research shows working up a good sweat fights skin infections too.