Two Cents Worth Tips

These tips will help you in your everyday life. Includes Health tips, beauty tips, home tips, career tips, finance tips.

Home Tips

Use a steel knife to cut brinjals, mangoes, etc to avoid blackening.

Use whey from curdled milk to knead chapati dough. It’s nutritious.

Soak wrinkled apples in mildly salted water to perk them up.

Crispy French fries! Cut and deep-fry. Freeze covered for 5-6 hours then fry.

Crisper dosa treat! Put 2 teaspoons of channa dal and a little poha in the batter.

Treat on a spongier cake! Add 1 tea spoon of glycerin to the batter.

Quick trick – pick dark green watermelons, they are always juicy.

Prevent corn flour paste from solidifying – Keep the bowl near your stove.

Take advantage of daylight by using light-colored curtains.

Add salt when boiling eggs to keep them from spilling if shell cracks.

Add a pinch of bicarbonate while soaking beans to avoid producing gas.

A gargle with tamarind water is recommended for a sore throat.

Grind some rock salt in your mixer regularly, to keep its blades sharp.

Lizard nuisance? Hang a peacock feather; they will leave your house.

Easy egg pealing: pierce a pin to make a hole before boiling an egg.

Buy water efficient showerheads. Low-flow models can help save water.

Indoor plants and their micro-organism friends in soil fight toxins.

Collage colorful plates in a circle, it makes an elegant wall decor.

Quick trick Remove crayon marks – Rub cold cigarette ash over them.

Butter absorbs odors very quickly, so keep it covered in the fridge.

Want to remove coconut husk with ease? Soak it in water for 30 minutes.

The color of a room affects your mood. Choose it as per your personality.

Wall-to-wall carpeting can add color and texture to a boring room.

Air dry your clothes: saves energy and keeps your clothes lasting longer.

Stains on plastic ware? Dip them in hot water with one cup of bleach.

Save energy turn down the brightness on your TV and computer monitor.

Think green: Consider light wall colors to cut on artificial lighting.

An illusion of bigger space: tile a particular wall form top to bottom.

FUNDA a large mirror in a small room can make it appear spacious.

Hosting an evening party at home? Glow lights can set the mood right.

For elegant hanging basket, go for a combo of red and white roses.

Your table flower decoration can steal the show-silk flowers look best.

Paints made from tree oils, mineral pigments, beeswax are good.

Paints affect air quality – choose ones made from herbal extracts.

Place your furniture in a way that avoids too many curves and bends.

Party tips choose an apt theme for the occasion you’re hosting at your home.

Cover wall damage with a mirror/wall-hanging, saves you money in repairs.

Your fridge consumes the most energy at home. Don’t open it too often.

Wrap a fancy paper to your cracked mugs to make a quickie pen holder.

Arrange a family get-together at home and play Independence day special antakshari.

Instead of taping/filling/repainting stains/holes just tile the wall.

Paper products are bleached to make them brighter- highly toxic to you!

Party idea: your menu, cake and favors should reflect a common concept.

Love your leather stuff? Store it in a cool, well-ventilated closet.

Wash and dry season clothes before you pack them off to keep insects, bugs away.

Keep a piece of hing in the chilli powder container. It lasts longer.

Woolen care: wool should be padded and wrapped in white tissue.

Refold your linen clothes often to avoid permanent creases.

Supple leather garments should be laid flat and padded with white tissue.

Storage tip: Leather garments are best stored in washed white muslin.

Green ganesha décor: Bright silk, organza fabrics; fresh flowers, etc.

Pooja flowers lying around after ganeshotsava? Mix them with the soil of your plants.

Make pretty diyas out of coconut shells instead of disposing them.

Shoo away the files. Hang bunches of basil (tulasi) / mint in your house.

D-I-Y Décor Tip Combine your mirrors with wall art to create contrast.

If you can’t find an eco-friendly Ganesha, invest in a metal idol.

Both water colors and oil paints are toxic. Buy Ganesha idols painted with veg dyes.

Eco-friendly Ganapati: Say no to POP. Opt for clay idols.

Tiny yellow flames soften up a room and add beauty with its simplicity.

Kitchen burns? Apply mashed banana to have a cooling effect.

Reduce dampness in closets by placing tied pieces of chalk.

Putting 3-4 cloves in the sugar container will keep the ants at bay.

Sprinkle lavender scent on blankets- you won’t have to use moth balls.

Use cold water to rinse milk glasses. Milk won’t “stick” to them.

Never use fabric finish or starch on garments that are to be stored.

Place moth balls in an old sock so that they don’t touch the garments.

Cotton, linen, silk and wool are natural fibers. Store there in a ventilated area.

Keep coffee moisture-free: use an airtight jar. Avoid refrigerating.

Get rid of fish smell-brew tea in the pan in which it has been cooked.

Use lime + turmeric to get the tandoori colour for your tandoori rotis.

Hate smell of eggs in cake? Add one table spoon honey to the cake batter.

Cooking sour food in a non-stick ware reduces latter’s durability.

Double the quantity of vinegar: Add equal amount of boiled water and leave for a week.

Stained plastic ware? Soak for 20 minutes in warm water + bleach and wash.

TRICK place a bread slice in the refrigerator to absorb food smells.

Onions will brown faster if salt is added to the onions while frying.

Avoid curdling of curd while cooking- don’t add salt until it’s cooked.

Onions turn out crisper if soaked in milk for a while before frying.

Enhance the natural flavor of veggies – add salt while boiling them.

Store peeled garlic in vegetable oil. It’ll stay fresh for long.

During monsoon, store silver with chalk. It soaks moisture and prevents tarnishing.

Purity test for honey: Put it in water- if it settles down, it’s pure.

FACT: pickled cucumbers lose their vitamin content and are high in sodium.

To preserve onion paste longer, fry onions before grinding and store.

TRICK To get crispy meduvada, add one teaspoon rava 30 mins before frying.

Want neatly trimmed edges of bread? Use a pair of kitchen scissors.

Enliven your home: buy something like a peacock feather photo/painting.

Use used medicine silver foils as a utensil scrub for sticky stains.

This diwali, say no to electric lighting. Glow up your home floating diyas amidst rose petals.

Green diwali choose eco-friendly crackers made up of recycled paper.

Boil water first, and then add rice. Rice will be ready much quicker.

Crisp pakoras skip soda, use baking powder in batter – soaks less oil.

Stuff your shoes with news paper to retain their shape and avoid creases.

Draw Lakshmi’s feet in sindoor mixed in milk – it won’t go off easily.

Pillows, mirrors and candle stick holders- help add chic to your room.

Buy multi-purpose furniture- saves space + helps de-clutter.

De-clutter bedside décor- use just a lamp, clock and a carafe of water.

Thin your lassi: Add milk to the curd. Garnish it with elaichi powder.

Want a stylish home? Break the rules and let your home reflect your personality.

Healthy diwali sweets? Use sweeteners like honey and dates, avoid sugar.

Healthy diwali delight: Add extra dried fruit and nuts to your sweets!

D-I-Y Diwali Diya turn half-cut coconut shells into decorative diyas.

Want a modern look for your room? Get some white paper drum lampshades.

Reinvent your dining space- Pick one style of chair in a mix of colors.

Get a stylish touch! Pick painted wood furniture for casual spaces.

Make a small space seem larger- keep neutral color scheme throughout.

Buying furniture? Remember, choose comfort over style.

Disinfectant: Add lemon juice/vinegar to water to clean floor, etc.

Blend florals and bold stripes for pillow covers, chair cushions etc.

Soothing-n-stylish bedroom: Try pale pink-creamy white color scheme.

Get a stylish candle! Insert colorful drawing pins in plain candles.

Clean a glass candle stand: keep it in freezer for an hour. The wax chips off easily.

Quick-N-easy! Use bread to pick up fragments of broken glass.

Instead of the deep-fried diwali snacks, brush them with oil and bake.

On diwali, avoid synthetic clothes as they can easily catch fire.

Repel ants: sprinkle cinnamon / any type of ground pepper to block them.

Health breakfast: make a semi-solid batter with wheat flour and jaggery and cook like dosas.

Make room look bigger: use a large area rug and spread your furniture out.

Longer stored legumes- beans, lentils, chickpeas- take longer to cook.

Salt and pepper pots clogging up? Keep them dry by adding rice grains.

Sticky labels not ready to go off? Scrape with talc works!

To keep your chimney clean, throw a handful of salt on the fire.

To remove smell of masala from mixer (mixi), put pieces of dry bread and powder it.

Brown onions quicker: Avoid adding salt. It slows browning process.

Clean a messy blender- add detergent to warm water, run for a few seconds.

Slice watermelon thinly to drop down seeds easily and enjoy the fruit.

Chill whole fruit which discolors, then cut when requires in recipe.

Leftover kheer? Boil to thicken it further and freeze to make kulfi!

If oranges etc. turn out to be sour, add chaat masala, sugar, salt, pepper and toss.

Enrich your kheer, make it inviting: sprinkle 3-4 kesar strands on it.

Burnt your tongue? Swirl gulps of chilled milk in the mouth and swallow.

Keep sweets fresh: Store in a steel airtight jar and put a wet muslin cloth over them.

Lemon drying out/ skin is too stiff? Soak it in hot water for 10 minutes.

Need just a few drops of lemon juice? Roll lemon, prick a hole, and press out drops.

Left over egg yolk? Pour it in a cup, cover it with cold water/milk and refrigerate.

Keep your cookies soft longer: Put two slices of bread in your cookie jar.

Avoid broken rice grains: add lemon juice to rice while it’s cooking.

Peel garlic easily lightly roast it, and rub between the folds of a cloth.

Drain deep fried foods on brown paper bags – foods remain crispy too.

If pouring out colors etc. turns out to be a messy job, use an ink dropper.

Create your own reading nook: place a comfy chair in a corner along with books.

Dress up any wall in your home: display your favorite photos in 3D frame.

FUNDA: Pieces of silver/brass/fine wood give a formal look to a room.

Want to cover up shabby walls/ceiling? You can hang colorful drapes.

Energize your dining area with vibrant, funky shades like red and orange.

Trendy tones for dining areas: Try a combo of warm mauve and soft green.

Longer stored legumes (beans, lentils, etc) take longer cooking time.

Crisper puris: add a little rice flour to the dough along with rave.

Seasonal chair covers can bring in a new flavor to your dining chairs.

Make a room look bigger: Use pale and cool shades that reflect light.

Aluminum vessel looking stained and dull. Rub it with emery paper.

Store magazine, etc. in not-so-expensive cane basket. It adds style too.

Pace a bucket of water in a freshly painted room- absorbs the odour.

Want to give your bedroom décor a romantic feel? Go for laced curtains.

Get sparkling mirrors and window glasses- sprinkle ammonia on a rag and wipe.

Funda: Rubber tends to darken silverware. Never keep the two together.

Hoisting Christmas dinner? Tie tulle (a fabric) bows to your dining chairs.

Don’t skimp on baking pan quality- a heavier pan gives better dessert.

Table flowers can hold the focal point of a room. Go for silk flowers.

Beware: Hair etc that your pet puppy drags to your bed is dust mite food.

Don’t dispose your tin can- decorate it and make it your candle holder.

Candle-holder: Take an old glass jar, fill it with marbles/shells/etc

Say no to paraffin wax candles. Choose eco-friendly honeybee/soy ones

Keep your A/C out if sun or provide a shade- it’ll sun more efficiently.

Make a collage of paper from magazines/newspapers and use for wrapping gifts.

Love candles? Choose soy. It’s petroleum-free unlike paraffin ones.

Download. Avoid CD- it contains materials which don’t recycle easily.

Make curtains out of ribbons. Tie each length onto the rod in a necktie knot.

Do you know? Soy candles burn up to % longer than paraffin candles.

Cherry book shelf: Use contrasting colors for the back wall and sides.

Beautify a room’s corner with your houseplant on a tall stylish stool.

Personalized wall clock- Use your favorite photo as a backup of your clock.

Loosen a screw: Put a little peroxide on to and let it soak in.

Roll lemon under palm before squeezing- gets the most juice out of it.

Bring water to boil in the microwave; the steam will loosen the grime.

A roast stays linger if you double- wrap it in foil or multiple papers.

Don’t add oil to pasta water, it makes sauce ‘slide’ off of the pasta.

Making potato salad? Refrigerate the boiled potatoes to get firm pieces.

Mince garlic quickly – Rub it over the tines of the back side of a fork.

Blend style with comfort! Look for a wingback chair for your living area.

Sandalwood can keep termites and insects away form your bookshelves.

Place an open box of baking soda inside the toilet to absorb odors.

Put half an apple with a cut cake to keep the cake moist for longer.

Burnt rice- Cover it with a piece of bread to take the foul taste out.

Lipstick stain? Apply Vaseline and wash it with soap after some time.

Made paneer at home? Use the whey for chapatti dough – it turns softer.

Use spray starch on painted walls where fingerprints accumulate- resists marks better.

Make cake moist: Use apple sauce instead of oil. It’s healthier too.

Butter corn easily: Butter a slice of bread and move it over the corn.

Slip a cushion cover easily: Cover the cushion with a plastic bag first.

Get paint off yourself with ease: Apply olive oil to soften the paint.

Keep flies at bay: Add two teaspoon salt to water while mopping the floor.

Put neem + turmeric pieces while storing grains to keep insects away.

For thick cream, cover the milk vessel with a muslin cloth and refrigerate overnight.

Ass a little milk while boiling potatoes to soften and cook them faster.

Wilted carrots? Cut one end off and stand them up in cold water.

Brighten stainless steel sinks by wiping with a cloth dampened with vinegar.

Whipping cream? Chill the cream, bowl and beat the best volume.

Tar stains? Put eucalyptus oil on the cloth and let it soak. Then clean it.

Remove vegetable stains on hands, etc – rub sliced raw potato on them.

Spray perfume on a light bulb to create a scent when it’s turned on.

If your watch fogs up, put it in a rice container, and close the lid.

Save and reuse wrinkled wrapping paper – Iron it with a warm iron.

Pesky ink stains on your wall will disappear if wiped with bleach.

Dye stain: Mix hydrogen peroxide to water (1:6) and soak cloth for half an hour.

Immediately after boiling noodles, place the vessel in normal cold water to prevent the noodles from entangling too much.

Get soft, fluffy and tastier Idlis! Learn the trick: While grinding rice for idlis, add one fifth the quantity of soaked flaked rice (poha).

After you finish making paneer, don’t throw away the remaining water. Use it while kneading chapatti dough or making a soup. It not only adds to the taste, but is also very nutritious.

Smoke mustard oil prior to its use for preparing vegetables by heating it to a point till light smoke emerges from it. This removes the potency from the oil.

Your trash may be anothers treasure, don’t dump old items but recycle.